Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Flour, 16 oz

Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Flour, 16 oz Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Flour Coconut Secret's raw coconut flour is made in small batches from unheated coconut meat and dried using a proprietary tumbler-dry method. Coconut flour is gluten-free, very low carb, actually lowers the calorie content of food, contains 40% dietary fiber, promotes lipid oxidation (helps burn fat), aids in digestive health, and helps balance blood sugar levels. Unbleached and unrefined. Vegan. Recipe Tips Use for baking, to thicken gravy, or as a supplement to super-boost fiber content in smoothies and any recipe. Coconut flour readily absorbs moisture, so we suggest that you blend with other flours at a ratio of 1/4 cup coconut flour to 3/4 cup alternate flour. A second popular option for those wishing to use 100% coconut flour, is the addition of eggs at a ratio of 4 eggs to 1/2 cup flour. Since coconut flour is gluten-free, eggs act as a gluten substitute in any recipe. It can also be helpful to increase the liquid content in coconut flour recipes by adding an extra 1:1 ratio of liquid per equal amount of flour. Ingredients: Certified organic raw coconut flour


Dragon Herbs 22 Reishis, 2 fl oz

Dragon Herbs 22 Reishis, 2 fl oz Dragon Herbs 22 Reishis In China, certain woody mushrooms are held in extremely high esteem for their life-preserving, protective and generally tonic actions. Reishi Mushroom (known as Lingzhi in Chinese) is the King of Mushrooms, and is generally regarded in the highest possible regard. Interestingly, in Asia, herbalists are well aware that there are several varieties of Reishi, and all of them are used as tonic herbs to promote radiant health. Each variety has its own strengths and value. In the herbal world of China, there are over 20 mushrooms that are called "Reishi," the most important being Ganoderma lucidum. Some of the "reishis" are not actually in the Ganoderma genus, but are related or are otherwise extremely potent life-enforcing tonic herbs. All of them have been used for many centuries, so they are well established and well understood. However, some are very rare and some are much more available. 22 Reishis, a unique formulation created by Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden, contains literally the 22 varieties of wild woody mushrooms that are sold in "Reishi specialty shops" in China as "Reishi." They come from all over Asia - from Manchuria, Mongolia, Heaven Mountain, the Tibet, Wuyi Mountain, etc. This is the first product that Dragon Herbs knows of, perhaps ever, that contains all 22 varieties of Reishi used in the Orient. Reishi Mushroom Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidium) is the most revered herbal substance in Asia, ranking as the elite substance for the attainment of radiant health, longevity and spiritual attainment. It ranks in Asia with Ginseng, Deer Antler, Rhodiola, and Cordyceps as a pre-eminent tool in the attainment of radiant health. It has maintained that position for at least 3000 years, and its reputation and value are only increasing. Numerous legends provide a rich and extensive record of Reishi in Asian society. Reishi has traditionally been used as an anti-aging herb, and has been used for many diseases and disorders as well. It has long been a favorite tonic food supplement by the Chinese Royal family and virtually any one who could obtain it. Reishi was particularly revered by the followers of the Taoist tradition as the "Elixir of Immortality." Taoists have continuously claimed that Reishi promotes calmness, centeredness, balance, inner awareness and inner strength. They have used it to improve meditative practices and to protect the body, mind and spirit so that the adept could attain both a long and healthy life and “spiritual immortality” (enlightenment). Due to its rarity in the past, the common people could rarely obtain a Reishi mushroom, and it was popularly revered as a greater treasure than any jewel. Traditionally, Reishi is said to be a nourishing tonic, tonic to the three treasures (Jing, Qi and Shen). It is considered to be capable of building body resistance, and to be powerfully detoxifying to the cells and tissues of the body. Reishi is slightly sed


Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D, 1 fl oz

Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D, 1 fl oz Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D Formerly known as Vitamin D360 A pure and potent liquid Vitamin D supplement. Most people do not get enough Vitamin D3 in their diet. Vitamin D3 naturally occurs in fatty fish, cod liver oil, egg yolks, and beef liver. Adequate vitamin D levels may reduce the risk of many chronic diseases in the long term, including : • Autoimmune Disorders • Diabetes • Cancer • Osteoperosis • Rheumathoid Arthritis • High Blood Pressure The amount of vitamin D3 that an individual needs varies due to a variety of factors, but recent research suggests that the 400 IU RDI is not sufficient for most people, especially if they are unable to get their dose from the sun’s rays. Some factors that contribute to vitamin D deficiency include: • Spending most of the day indoors • Using sunscreen • Wintertime & less sunny climates • Darker skin tone (melanin blocks UVB rays, which produce vitamin D in the skin Vitamin D deficiency symptoms vary depending on the individual, so consulting with a physician and testing vitamin D levels, as supplementing with too much vitamin D can cause elevated blood calcium levels which can have serious health effects. Measuring 25 hydroxy vitamin D levels is the preferred test for determining vitamin D deficiency; if the level is less than 80, taking a vitamin D3 supplement may be one of the most valuable steps you could take for long-term health. Each drop of this liquid Vitamin D3 provides 2000 IU of cholecalciferol in a base of pure olive oil. The liquid format of Optimal Vitamin D makes it simple to tailor the dose to fit your specific needs, and is easier to take than capsules, especially for small children. Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D contains only cholecalciferol derived from cholesterol in sheep’s wool, making it suitable for vegetarians. Note: Seeking Health Vitamin D360 is now known as Optimal Vitamin D. This change effects the name only, Optimal Vitamin D has the same formula, serving size, and servings per container as Vitamin D360. Suggested Use:Take 1 drop per day or as recommended by your health professional. Do NOT take 1 dropperful a day! Suggested Storage: It is best to store Seeking Health Vitamin D at room temperature. The olive oil base can solidify if it is stored in the refrigerator. If your bottle of Vitamin D has solidified due to storage in the refrigerator, or if you receive a solidified bottle due to shipping in cooler seasons, simply allow the bottle to come to room temperature before using. Optimal Vitamin D is free from fillers, flow agents, preservatives, or flavors. It contains no wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, fish, shellfish, or nuts. 1 fl oz/ 30 mL About Seeking Health, the company Dr. Ben Lynch, founder and Chief Medical Officer of Seeking Health, is a naturopathic physician. While majoring in Cell and Molecular biology at the University of Washington


Seeking Health Optimal Amino Blend, 150 ct

Seeking Health Optimal Amino Blend, 150 ct Seeking Health Optimal Amino Blend, 150 ct Seeking Health Optimal Amino Blend is a comprehensive, well-balanced, and hypoallergenic blend of 20 amino acids.These organic compounds are essential building blocks for proteins, and are needed to form structural proteins like muscle, hair and collagen, and functional proteins like enzymes, antibodies, hormones, and other molecules essential for life. Amino acids also play important roles in immunity, neurological function, detoxification, and energy production. There are thousands of different proteins in the body, each with distinct functional properties, which are all constructed from different combinations of these 20 common amino acids. Deficiency of amino acids can be caused by impaired absorption, insufficient stomach acid, digestive enzyme deficiencies, dietary protein restriction, stress, infection, medication, and aging. Seeking Health Optimal Amino Blend provides: 20 essential and non-essential amino acids: Of the 20 common types of amino acids, nine cannot be made by the body and thus must be supplied by the diet or through supplementation. These nine amino acids are referred to as ?essential amino acids.? Depletion of one essential amino acid can set the stage for impaired protein synthesis, which can result in problems ranging from indigestion to more serious conditions. In addition, if the body lacks sufficient essential amino acids, deficiencies in nonessential amino acids can also exist. Supplementing the diet with both essential and nonessential amino acids can help optimize amino acid status and maintain proper metabolic functions. Pharmaceutical-grade crystalline amino acids: is made from high-quality pharmaceutical-grade crystalline amino acids to ensure maximum purity. ?L-form? amino acids: Generally, supplemental amino acids come in two forms and are designated with an ?L? or ?D? prefix. The L-form is the naturally-occurring isomer of amino acids and is the only form that the human body can directly use to build proteins. For maximum benefit, Optimal Amino Blend contains only ?L-form? amino acids. (The amino acids taurine and glycine occur in only one form and thus do not have L- or D- designations). Ready-to-absorb, free-form amino acids: Free form amino acids are not linked in peptide or protein structures and thus do not need to be digested. Rather they are ready for rapid absorption directly into the bloodstream. By providing amino acids in their free-form, Optimal Amino Blend can provide a source of easy-to-assimilate amino acids for persons with impaired digestion due to illness, aging, or bariatric surgery who may be unable to ingest, digest, or absorb sufficient dietary protein. It may also be helpful for individuals with food allergies, protein intolerance, or those with restrictive diets. Warnings: Store in a cool, dry place (59-85 degrees) away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Does not contain Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Fish, Shellfish, Nuts, Corn, Prebiotics 150 vegetarian capsules