Healthforce Liver Rescue 5+ Liver Support, 120 count

Healthforce Liver Rescue 5+ Liver Support, 120 count Healthforce Liver Rescue 5+ Liver Support Keeping the liver healthy is essential to good health. Most people's livers are challenged and weakened with a toxic overload of living in the modern world. One of the liver's functions is to filter toxic materials from the blood, and if it is not functioning at optimum levels, your health is compromised. The healthier you live your life, the less stress there is on any organ, including the liver. It is Healthforce's experience (using iridology and live blood cell analysis) that a large number of people have a significant level of liver stress. Usually the older and/or more toxic someone becomes, and the further away from a vegan whole food diet emphasizing raw foods they go, the more liver stress there is. Nearly all medical drugs can and do cause liver damage and these toxic substances are supposed to heal us? Continued liver damage leads to widespread body system failures and eventually death! Poor dietary choices such as excess protein (especially from sources that were once living, feeling creatures), alcohol, over the counter drugs/medications and anything else that is bad for us can cause liver stress as well.Milk thistle can help the liver because it nutritionally supports its functioning. It can help to increase the flow of bile (which emulsifies fats and is an avenue that the liver uses to dump poisons and wastes into). When the liver is toxic, it dumps toxins into your colon via bile. Then, if you colon is toxic, (which almost everyone's is) these toxins get reabsorbed into the blood stream and much of them are sent back to the liver, and then back to the colon via bile, and then back to the liver, etc. We suggest doing a colon cleanse and eating healthfully to support both colon and liver health. The more toxic your colon and liver are, the more you need Liver Rescue to protect yourself. Much research has shown milk thistle to be able to protect the liver from the damaging effects of a wide variety of common toxins, including alcohol. Milk thistle extract is so powerful it has been reported to counteract even overdose of otherwise lethal drugs! NOTE: Do not be foolish and intentionally overdose on drugs while taking milk thistle extract or Liver RescueMilk thistle is also a powerfully effective antioxidant, and it can increase glutathione reductase levels (this is a crucial metabolic antioxidant enzyme) in liver cells. Milk Thistle's antioxidant and other properties positively affect other areas of the body as well. It has been shown, among other things, to nutritionally support persons with skin cancer. Version 5 has been updated with the inclusion of Chanca piedra, an Amazonian herb that has been traditionally used to support healthy liver function and the liver's natural detoxification process. Liver Rescue Version 5 Ingredients Milk thistle seed extract (Silybum Marianum standardized to 80% Silymarin): 600 mg Dandelion root extract (Taraxacum Officinale) (4:1): 200 mgNEW! Chanca piedra Picrorhiza kurroa (10% kutkin): 100 mg Total Herbal Extracts per 2 VeganCaps: 1000 mg Other ingredients: NONE -No flow agents or fillers. Serving Size: 2-4 VeganCaps Suggested Adjuncts: A Whole Food, Organic, Vegan, Plant Based Diet with emphasis on fresh, high water content, live/raw foods and juices plus a healthy lifestyle of exercise, fresh air, and anything healthful and sacred to you.


BodyBio Chlorella, 300mg, 300 count

BodyBio Chlorella, 300mg, 300 count BodyBio Chlorella, 300 tablets What exactly is chlorella? Chlorella is a one cell water plant. It?s a very small bit of algae. It is the green coating found on ponds that grow in slow moving watery areas. E-Lyte Chlorella is grown in glass tubes inside of a glass building and is totally free of contamination. Chlorella contains a broad spectrum of vitamins, A, B1, B6, B12 and E which are present in high concentrations, as well as unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants.Chlorella has the ability to pick up and hold heavy metals (such as mercury) and carry them out of the body. The production of E-Lyte Chlorella is grown in glass tubes using a patented technique developed in Germany. What is Chlorella used for? Chlorella has the unusual ability to pick up & hold heavy metals (such as mercury) and carry them out of the body. Heavy metals, if left in the body, can be very detrimental. What is the recommended dosage of Chlorella? The recommended dosage of Chlorella is approximately 3 grams per day, which equals 10 tablets (300 mg each) for approximately 3 months. Can Chlorella be taken on an empty stomach? BodyBio has no reported causes of persons who have had problems with taking this product on an empty stomach. How does E-Lyte Chlorella differ than others on the market? Most other chlorella is grown in regular ponds & is exposed to whatever debris flies over, or is blown into, the pond. E-Lyte Chlorella is grown in glass tubes inside of a glass building and is totally free of contamination. It is a patented process that is safe & absolutely pure. To our knowledge, ours is the only Chlorella available that is manufactured this way. Are there any side effects from taking Chlorella? None have been reported.