Blue Ice Beauty Balm, 1.75 oz/49.6g

Blue Ice Beauty Balm, 1.75 oz/49.6g Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil Beauty Balm, 1.75 oz (49.6g) For Hands, Feet, Skin and Lips Luxurious combination of natural emollients just right for dry or sun-damaged skin and hands, lips, and even your feet! Your skin is your largest organ, and the gatekeeper to your blood stream. Various toxic chemicals can easily make their way into your blood stream when they are applied topically to your skin. Instead of using harsh and toxic over the counter conventional beauty products, nourish your skin with the same High Vitamin Butter Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, and Fermented Cod Liver oil that you nourish your body with. From the outside in, you will feel the radient health of Beauty Balm. Shea butter, lavender oil, and cranberry oils further bathe skin in hydration and natural emolliants. Perfect for dry or sun damaged skin, or anywhere extra moisture and healing properties are needed. Apply to hands, feet, lips, knees, and elbows liberally. Because what you put on your body, goes in your body. Ingredients: Shea Butter, X-Factor High Vitamin Butter Oil, Blue Breeze Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Cranberry Oil, Organic Orange Oil, Lavender Oil 1.75 oz (49.6g). About Green Pastures, the company Green Pastures is committed to providing their community with nothing but pure, unadulterated, non-industrialized fermented fish liver oils using traditional or sacred production methods that have been in use for thousands of years. Founders Dave and Barb Wetzel have created a family-owned business, offering sacred foods prepared as our ancestors did prior to the industrial food revolution. The very same High Vitamin Butter Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil that Dr. Weston A Price discovered to provide a strong body, mind, and spirit in traditional cultures are the benchmarks of Green Pastures products. By focusing on traditional preparation and production methods, Green Pastures products bring to life the work of Dr. Price. Green Pastures Founder and CEO Dave Wetzel long had an interest in traditional and sacred foods for many years before he and his wife founded their company. ?It's my opinion that consuming traditional and sacred whole foods that have not been subjected to industrial processes is the way to stay healthy and deal with the stresses of modern life.? - Dave Wetzel, Green Pastures Founder The Wetzel family farm is 140 acres of rolling Nebraska pastures where dairy milk is produced by cows that graze exclusively on a specially selected, rapidly growing grass. This specialized feeding and climate results in optimal levels of Activator X in every bottle of Green Pastures High Vitamin Butter Oil. The production of Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil is done through fermentation, in the same ways it was done for generations of traditional cultures. The fish used in Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Skate Liver Oil are exclusively wild caught in and around the Arctic region Green Pastures offers a number of naturally fermented sacred oils, including their proprietary product, Blue Ice Royal, a combination of cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil. Green Pastures guarantees they will not compromise their product?s nutrient quality and integrity by any industrial means that would damage or remove flavors, odors, textures, or nutrients. Green Pastures is proud to offer the same historical sacred foods prepared with the same great care and concern for generational health as our ancestors.


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