BodyBio Pre-mixed 1-7 Liquid Minerals, 8 fl oz

BodyBio Pre-mixed 1-7 Liquid Minerals, 8 fl oz BodyBio Premixed 1-7 Liquid Minerals, 8 fl oz BodyBio Premixed Liquid Minerals #1-7 is an ideal way to consume health critical minerals easily and conveniently. Contains potassium, zinc, magnesium, chromium, manganese, molybdenum and Vitamin C. 8 fl oz, approximately 32 servings. A convenient way to take a dose of the essential minerals when you may not be able to make your daily liquid mineral drink. However, for optimum benefit, it is recommended that you test yourself periodically. Suggested Use: Mix ¼ fl. 0z. (7.5 mL) or pre-mix daily with your favorite juice, preferably orange or grapefruit or H2O and Vitamin C. Test yourself frequently (at least weekly) to determine current mineral status. If desired, add #4, #8 and #9 using the individual E-Lyte Minerals bottles. This mix does not include #4 Copper which you may like. If desired add #9 (Iodine) at 3 drops per day. Refrigeration Note: BodyBio recommends this product be refrigerated. It is refrigerated in our warehouse in central Oregon, and we recommend that during warmer months you ship it with an ice pack/foil wrap and/or select an expedited shipping method. FAQs about BodyBio Premixed Liquid Minerals What is the difference between the individual bottles of Liquid Minerals & PreMix? PreMix does not include Liquid Mineral #4 (copper), #8 (selenium), or #9 (iodine). You should (if your taste test agrees) take #4 and/or #8 (we do not test for #9). Are there any additives or preservatives in PreMix? There is less than 1 tenth of 1 percent of sodium benzoate added to each 8 oz. bottle of PreMix. By the time the PreMix is diluted in your drink, the concentration is so low that is almost insignificant. How long can PreMix be stored? PreMix can be stored for approximately 1 year. What is the recommended dosage of PreMix? ¼ ounce of PreMix to 8 ounces of juice. How long will 1 bottle of PreMix last? Since PreMix is sold in 8 ounce bottles, there are approximately 32 single servings in each. Can PreMix be taken on an empty stomach? Yes. Are there any side effects from using PreMix? No side effects have ever been reported to BodyBio.


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