Champion Commercial 2000+ Juicer, White

Champion Commercial 2000+ Juicer, White Champion Commercial 2000+ Masticating Juicer The Champion Commercial 2000+ Juicer is designed for heavy-duty juicing capabilities. Besides juicing your favorite fruits and vegetables, the Champion Commercial Juicer allows you to easily make other foods that you and your family will love, such as: coconut milk, baby foods, fruit sauces, nut butters, ice creams, and sherbets. The options are endless! Champion Commercial 2000+ Masticating Juicer has a heavy duty front and rear ball bearing installation for smoother running, maximum RPM's. Added winding capacity increases starting torque, and allows the motor to run cooler, thereby increasing the durability factor and performance under heavy use conditions. Variable 110/220 volt, 50/60 hertz with stainless steel shaft for longer wear. Can be converted for domestic or overseas use. Wired for 110v. 10 year warranty on motor, 1 year warranty on cutter and screen. The Champion Household Juicer is an excellent investment in you and your family's future and health. It enables you to have the features, power, and durability of commercial juicers in your own home kitchen. The Champion Juicer is easy to assemble and use, versatile in juicing capablities, proven to last a long time, and simple to clean. And, it's backed with a 10-year warranty! (Cutter blades and screens have 1-year warranty.) The Champion Household Juicer produces liquids with more fiber, enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals. Plus, you'll notice the darker, richer color of the juice and a sweeter, more full-bodied flavor right away! The Champion's heavy-duty motor has industrial-strength power for an improved masticating process that chews the fibers to break loose high volumes of cells saturated with beneficial healthy values. The Juicer's floating cutter effectively separates the juice from the pulp in one quiet, continuous operation, and there is no intermittent cleaning required. The Champion Juicer's long-lasting stainless steel construction resists both wear and food odor. Its stainless steel shaft is complemented by the tempered stainless steel blades cast directly into the cutter for added strength. This way, the blades will never separate, twist, tarnish or rust. Plus, the large feeding chamber reduces prep time by allowing you to throw in your fruits or veggies without having to chop them into small pieces. Large feeding chamber (1.75”) All parts 100% FDA nylon Stainless steel shaft Warranty: 10 years for motor; 1 year for cutter. Outer housing is the same for the household and commercial models Made in America White. Includes 1 each of:Cutter (Ivory), Screen Holder, Screen (Standard), Blank, Tamper (Black),Funnel (Smoke), Bowl (Standard), Sieve, Book FAQ's Is it safe to put my juicer's parts in the dishwasher?

No, these parts are not dishwasher safe. The parts are made from stainless steel and then laminated with nylon. These two materials heat and cool differently and would e


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