Dragon Herbs Brazilian Magic, 4.8 oz/136g

Dragon Herbs Brazilian Magic, 4.8 oz/136g Dragon Herbs Brazilian Magic On a remote, super-pristine plantation in the heart of Brazil, vegetables, herbs, and fruits are grown and irrigated with pure water from a mile-deep aquifer. The air is clean, pure, and unpolluted. This is the magic of Brazil. Growing Perfectly Pristine Superfoods The 17,000 acre farm in the heart of Brazil is entirely immersed in nature. Completely organic, the vegetables, herbs and fruits grown here are never subjected to agricultural chemicals, and they are irrigated with the purest, freshest, natural mineral water available. The Guarani Aquifer is the world's largest water purifier. This mile-deep aquifer is the largest body of fresh mineral water in the world. A unique geology provides a slow and highly filtered natural process that results in only the purest mineral water. This fresh, pure natural mineral water is not only used to irrigate the organic farmland, but is also used during the processing of Dragon Herbs Brazilian Magic superfood powder. Fifty-five varieties of these vegetables, superfruits, and herbs are harvested, and then naturally fermented for 6 months. World-class Japanese technology, and an ultra-clean GMP factory, assures that no chemicals of any kind are ever used in the production of this superfood product. During this fermentation process, an alchemical blend of phytochemicals is produced. These phytochemicals, literally thousands of them, offer beneficial support for the human body. This is Dragon Herbs Brazilian Magic. Ingredients: Orange, Pineapple, Banana, Apple, Papaya, Guava, Spanish Melon, Brown Rice, Oat, Non-GMO Corn, Barley, Pea, Jalo Bean, Roxinho Bean, Black Sesame, Millet, Plum, Adzuki Bean, Soy Bean, Carrot, Rye, Black Bean, Lentil, Avocado, Acerola, Lemon, Pear, Tomato, Red Grape, Mango, Watermelon, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Chick Pea, Carambola, Cashew Nut, Brazil Nut, Kiwi, Cassava, Green Bell Pepper, Sugar Beet, Collard Couve-Manteiga (leaves), Cabbage, Passion Fruit, Chicory (leaves), West Indian Lemon Grass (leaves), Lotus root, Turnip, Nori Seaweed, Mate (leaves), Cinnamon , Anise, Cloves (leaves), Ginger (root), Zedoary (root) Directions for Use: As a dietary supplement, 1 tsp once a day or as suggested by a health professional. Add to smoothies, yogurt, cereals, or salads.


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