Dragon Herbs Pearl Powder, 100 count

Dragon Herbs Pearl Powder, 100 count Dragon Herbs Pearl Powder Pearl has a tremendous reputation in Asia as both a beauty tonic and as a Shen tonic. Chinese health related texts credit Pearl with the ability to clarify the skin, relieve uneasiness of the heart and mind, to benefit reproduction, to clear sputum, to remove visual obstacles and improve eyesight, to promote muscle development and to invigorate blood circulation. As a beauty tonic, Pearl Powder is hard to beat. The components in Pearl Powder help heal blemishes and maintain the health of the skin by participating in the metabolic activities of the skin. Pearl promotes the regeneration of new cells and makes the skin smooth, fine, elastic and naturally beautiful. High quality pearl powder can promote the activities of the important natural antioxidant enzyme known as SOD. Pearl has a calming influence on the nerves and is a well established Shen tonic when consumed orally. “Levigated” Pearl Powder Dragon Herbs utilizes the very latest technology to produce the finest Pearl Powder available in the world for nutraceutical use. Studies conducted over the past several years have proven that the best way to use Pearl is to use it WHOLE. The traditional problem with using whole Pearl powder was that it was difficult to grind fine enough to make it highly bioavailable. Recent advancements in grinding technology now allow the Pearl to be ground into a powder that is very close to nano-sized. This powder is easily and completely absorbed by the body and is fully utilized once it is in the blood stream. The technique now used is known as “levigation.” High grade Pearl is ground in water using circular motion. Fine powder will become suspended in water. The suspended powder is separated from non suspended heavier powder by pouring out the solution. Continue grinding until all pearl powder is “extracted” this way. This will also separate the center impurity (the “seed” that starts the pearl) from actual pearl powder. The solution with “extracted” pearl in suspension is left to settle so the pearl will deposit to the bottom. The deposited pearl is then dried. This “levigated” Pearl powder is almost nano-sized and is thus very easy for the human body to absorb. Levigated Pearl Powder contains ALL the biologically active constituents of Pearl. It is extremely rich in minerals, amino acids and co-factors that make it one of the premier anti-aging substances. Levigated Pearl Powder can help prevent the development of melanin, which causes freckles and dark patches on the skin. It can help prevent the skin from becoming old looking, wrinkled and sagging. This is partly due to its stimulation of SOD activity and partly due to other capacities and nutrients. Consistent use of pearl powder can eliminate blemishes such as colored spots and even pimples and boils. Constant use can help assure that the skin will age much more slowly and that it will no


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