Dragon Herbs Women’s Jing, 100 count

Dragon Herbs Women's Jing, 100 count Dragon Herbs Women's Jing This sophisticated and very healthy formulation builds female energy in a number of ways. Women’s Jing is a special formula that has been clinically demonstrated (in China) to safely and effectively promote female fertility. It also promotes female sexual drive.It is extremely safe and has no side effect on the fetus, should a woman become pregnant. Very similar formulas have been used countless times in Asia to promote fertility. The herbs in Women's Jing • Epimedium, Cynomorium, Lycium, Cuscuta and Schizandra increase libido and tonify Kidney Yang.• Lycium, Schizandra, Achyranthes and Rehmannia tonify Kidney Yin.• Lycium, Rehmannia and Dang Gui build blood.• Ligusticum, Dang Gui and Plantago Seedimprove blood circulation in the pelvic basin Cynomorium Root Cynomorium is considered to be a superb tonic to the primal yang essence and is thus used in many tonics for both men and women. It is widely believed in the Orient to be a superb longevity herb and an excellent sexual tonic and stimulant. It is said to strengthen the bones. It is an excellent yang tonic for women. Cuscuta Seed Cuscuta seed is commonly used in long term tonic programs, often in combination with Cnidium seed. It is a gentle tonic for the Kidney Yin and Yang, and also helps nourish Qi. It helps the Kidney to consolidate the Qi . It is widely used to improve vision, nourish the sperm and marrow, strengthen bones and sinews and in particular to strengthen sexual functions. Epimedium Leaf Epimedium is widely known as a powerful tonic and sexual stimulant. Epimedium is known as "horny goat weed" because when goats eat it, they copulate. It is considered by Oriental people to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Scientific research has confirmed that Epimedium quickly releases sex hormones in men and women. Epimedium is also said to strengthen the bones and joints. It is also known to calm and relax the heart. Recent research indicates that Epimedium is a strong immune system regulator. Dang Gui (Tang Kuei) Root Dang Gui, or Angelica sinensis, is used as a superb blood tonic. It is also an important blood-vitalizing herb (e.g., it improves blood circulation). Men use it as a muscle-building blood tonic. However, Dang Gui is most famous as a women's tonic, because women so often use it as a blood tonic and to regulate the female menstrual cycle. It is found in most women's tonic preparations. Men also use smaller amounts of Dang Gui as a blood tonic. Ligusticum Rhizome Ligusticum wallichi is a very widely used blood tonic. It is especially common in women's blood tonic formulations. Ligusticum is a superb "blood vitalizing" herb used to improve blood circulation and to disperse blood stagnation. It has recently been found to improve blood circulation in the heart. It is sometimes called Cnidium on some product labels, and should not be confused with Cnidium seed, a Yang essence toni


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