Garden of Life RAW Resveratrol, 60 count

Garden of Life RAW Resveratrol, 60 count Garden of Life RAW Resveratrol You would have to drink over 200 bottles of wine to get the same amount of trans-resveratrol found in one serving of Garden of Life RAW Resveratrol. Featuring a whole-food, RAW fermented Resveratrol formula combined with 23 RAW, organically grown fruits and vegetables, plus living enzymes and probiotics for added digestive and immune support. RAW Resveratrol offers extraordinary antioxidant support. About Resveratrol When doctors started talking about the heart-healthy benefits of a daily glass of wine, it was due to the presence of resveratrol. Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compound that is naturally found in grapes, some berries, purple grape juice, peanuts, and red wine. Resveratrol Benefits Significant reductions in cardiovascular disease risk have been associated to resveratrol. The active form of resveratrol, trans resveratrol, has been found to exert a number of potentially cardio-protective effects in studies, including reducing inflammation, preventing the oxidization of LDL ("bad") cholesterol, and reducing blood clots that can lead to heart attacks. As an antioxidant polyphenol, resveratrol may protect nerve cells from damage and plaque build-up that may lead to Alzheimer's disease, and may help prevent insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes. Inflammation and free radical damage may lead to a number of chronic illnesses and disease, and antioxidants may offer protection from these and others. Studies suggest that Resveratrol may even work on a cellular level to increase longevity, and may provide anti-aging benefits far beyond that of other antioxidants. RAW Resveratrol Garden of Life RAW Resveratrol is a powerful, whole food resveratrol formula, combining RAW fermented resveratrol, 23 RAW organically grown fruits and vegetables, including Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes, plus live probiotics and digestive enzymes. A synergistic blend of bioactive phytonutrients with a wide array of beneficial cofactors, RAW Resveratrol supports antioxidant activity, heart health and healthy aging.

 RAW Resveratrol is a highly potent source of polyphenols, providing 350mg of trans-resveratrol per serving—as much trans-resveratrol as in 200 bottles of red wine—supporting numerous systems, including the circulatory, respiratory, reproductive and digestive systems. RAW Resveratrol is a RAW, fermented, whole food formula designed to provide you with powerful antioxidant support for a healthy heart. RAW Resveratol Benefits may include • Provides Powerful Antioxidant Support• Assists the Body in Fighting Against Oxidative Stress• Supports Cellular and Tissue Health• Supports Cardiovascular Health by Promoting Circulation• Supports Healthy Aging• Supports Digestive Health – Promotes Regularity, Digestive Comfort, and Healthy Elimination Garden of Life is committed to bringing you the highest quality, whole food nutrition to empow


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