Garden of Life Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit

Garden of Life Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit Garden of Life Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit The Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Program has been the leading cleanse used in Canada for over 25 years. This natural, herbal whole body cleanse was formulated by one of North America's leading clinical herbalists, Dr. Terry Willard. The Wild Rose D-Tox program was designed with highest priority placed on supporting the function of the liver, the small intestine, and the large intestine to promote proper breakdown and elimination of toxins and wastes. The Wild Rose D-Tox program works without the emotional and physical fluctuations that are often associated with fasting. Why do I need a Detox? Pollutants from the environment - in the air, water, and foods that we eat- as well as wastes produced from normal bodily processes, can accumulate within the body and lead to a state of congestion. In this environment, detoxification is an important step to help maintain a healthy balance of assimilation and elimination. Many natural health care practitioners consider internal cleansing, or detoxification, to be the cornerstone of good health. There are many different cues to people that it is time for internal cleansing. Among the most common are: • Feeling heavy and lethargic • Having over-indulged • Wanting to change a minor health aggravation such as occasional skin breakouts or constipation • Ready to make a new start with health (beginning a new eating program, cleansing the body of excess Candida, etc.) • Wishing to break old habits • Wanting to tune-up their bodies for general maintenance • Wanting to regain a feeling of well-being How does the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit Work? The Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit consists of four herbal formulas to support the liver and intestines naturally. Three of these herbal formulas are in capsule form, and one is in liquid form. The Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox kit also contains a recommended meal plan (diet) to accompany the herbal supplements. During the cleansing period, you are free to eat any foods in any amount that you wish, but for best results, adhesion to the meal plan is strongly recommended. Herbal formulas in Wild Rose D-Tox Program: • Biliherb - Detoxifies and strengthens liver function. 48 capsules • Laxaherb - Provides natural cleansing effect on intestinal tract. 48 capsules • Cleansaherb - Cleanses the blood stream and lymphatic system of waste and byproducts. 48 capsules • CL Herbal Extract liquid - Focuses on elimination of toxins through the urinary system. 50 mL Take 2 capsules from each bottle and two full droppers of the liquid with breakfast and dinner, preferably at the beginning of the meal. There are 12 days worth of capsules. Once the capsules are gone, continue to take the CL Herbal Extract alone if any remains. What foods should I avoid while D-Toxing? Dr. Terry Willard recommends avoiding certain foods during your 12 day D-Tox and interna


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