Glass Dharma Glass Straw Cleaning Brush

Glass Dharma Glass Straw Cleaning Brush Glass Dharma Glass Straw Cleaning Brush The easiest way to keep your Glass Dharma Glass Straws clean is with the Glass Straw Cleaning Brush. The Glass Straw Cleaning Brush has a stainless steel handle and a medical grade nylon bristle. Stainless steel ensures that your brush will be there for you for years to come, without rusting. To Clean Your Glass Dharma Glass Straw: ? Rinse your straw thoroughly when you are finished using it. ? Soak straw in warm soapy water, and run brush through the center and around the edges. ? Rinse until water runs clear and all traces of soap are gone. Use of the Cleaning Brush will keep your Glass Straw clean and beautiful. If your glass drinking straws become ?cloudy? from hard water conditions in the dishwasher, simply soak in distilled white vinegar. Use the Cleaning Brush as directed above to speed the process and return the glass to its original crystal clear transparency. 3/8" brush fits all 9.5mm and 12mm diameter straws. Dishwasher safe. Made in the USA. About GlassDharma, the company GlassDharma is on a mission to create world-wide awareness about single use plastics and how damaging plastic straws are to our environment. Company founder, and glassblower, David Leonhardt moved to the Mendocino coast of California and found inspiration in the form of a glass straw. David was struck by the unique elegance in such a simple item, and realized he could contribute one solution to the problem of throw away plastics in our society. In 2007, David founded GlassDharma.The GlassDharma philosophy is not to try to be all things to all people; rather to focus on what they can and do best. GlassDharma makes beautiful, elegant, long lasting glass drinking straws to replace as many single use plastic straws as possible. The Problem with Plastic StrawsA single straw may not seem like a big problem, until you put it in perspective. Just one single fast food chain can serve an average of 50 billion meals per day. Chances are, each one of those meals contains at least one drink, with at least one straw. Enough plastic straws are produced annually to fill over 46 thousand full sized school buses!These straws are either headed for a landfill, where they will never decompose, or to an ocean or waterway near you. Plastic straws are always in the top 10 of number of items collected during beach cleanups. GlassDharma doesn't stop at presenting you with an eco-friendly and long-lasting solution to the problem with plastics. Each GlassDharma straw is crafted with beauty and elegance here in the USA. GlassDharma provides a Lifetime Guarantee against breakage; if your straw ever breaks, GlassDharma will replace it for free. GlassDharma is working to educate the public about reducing the amount of plastic straws endangering our environment. David Leonhardt and GlassDharma are striving towards their goal of providing glass straws to 2% of the United States population. GlassDharma glass straws are a beautiful way to add elegance to your world, while taking one small step towards making it better.


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