Gone Nuts! Maple Mesquite Walnuts, 3 oz

Gone Nuts! Maple Mesquite Walnuts, 3 oz Gone Nuts! Maple Mesquite Walnuts Craving something sweet? Gone Nuts! Maple Mesquite Walnuts are the answer! Super crunchy sprouted walnuts are glazed with pure maple and tossed in a blend of mesquite and warm cinnamon. This perfect blend of maple and spice is like a fall day, a slice of pie, a piping hot mug, and your favorite childhood memory all rolled into one, nutritious snack. What are "live nut snacks"? All of the nuts are soaked in water overnight. During this time, amazing dormant enzymes and nutrients are activated and existing fats are transformed into healthier amino acids. This process is called germination. Live enzymes allow the nuts to be easily digested and the nutrients readily absorbed by our bodies. The nuts are then seasoned and gently air-dried at low temperatures around 115 degrees. Drying at low temperatures, instead of roasting, protects all of the live enzymes and nutrients. The end result is LIVE nuts! Ingredients: Sprouted Organic Walnuts, Organic Maple, Organic Mesquite Pod Powder, Organic Cinnamon, Himalayan Crystal Salt and Organic Spices.


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