Healthforce Oxygen Supreme II, 4 fl oz

Healthforce Oxygen Supreme II, 4 fl oz HealthForce Oxygen Supreme II Oxygen Supreme II is the ultimate oxygen supplement with 11% dissolved oxygen. Pollution, exposure to environmental toxins, emotional stress, cooked foods, saturated fats, lack of exercise, lack of deep breathing, being indoors and many other lifestyle choices rob oxygen from our bodies. Ironically, they also increase the need for oxygen's detoxifying power. Increases the available oxygen in the bloodstream to achieve more sustained energy. Assists the body in metabolizing vitamins, minerals, supplements, and nutrients more completely. Enhances the body's immune system to resist illness and disease. Acts as a powerful, yet safe, bactericide (will not destroy healthy, aerobic bacteria), viricide, and fungicide. Oxygen is absolutely essential for a healthy body and strong immune system. Oxygen is the basis of numerous disease reversal alternative therapies. HealthForce Oxygen Supreme provides by far the most oxygen per dollar spent of any stabilized oxygen supplement! Without a constant large supply of oxygen, the cells in our bodies cannot function properly. Oxygen Supreme II contains 11% dissolved oxygen. Oxygen is the most essential necessity of life- Why is it a concern today? 200 years ago, there was approximately 38% oxygen on our planet. Now there is only approximately 19%. In industrialized areas, oxygen content can fall to 9% or lower. We absolutely need sufficient oxygen for our very survival, and we absolutely need high levels of it for optimum health. The less oxygen you have available to you, the more strain and stress that is put on your body, including the heart and immune system, to try and cope with the deficiency. How do we get more essential oxygen in our bodies? Food. Eating fresh, raw, uncooked plant foods contributes oxygen to our systems. Eating cooked and processed foods depletes our bodies of precious oxygen. The more raw food you can eat the more oxygen you will have in your system. Another wonderful way to get oxygen and other incredibly powerful nutrients into your system is through drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Exercise. Exercise causes life supporting oxygen to to course through your veins. Try to exercise in some fashion almost every day. Even if you just park farther away from stores and jog to the store, walk or jog up and down your street once per day, or do a few push ups daily or whenever you can, you will be benefiting yourself. If you can do more exercise, you will be benefiting yourself more. Exercise is an absolute key to health and it is imperative not to ignore it. Breathing. Try to do some deep breathing every day. Exercise will help with this. Take a few deep breaths when you get up in the morning (preferably of outside air), or whenever you think of it. Do it just before and after you run up and down your street. Try yoga or meditation, two practices that focus on deep breathing techniques. Fresh Air and Plants. Plants are one of our biological symbiots. That is, we live together in a mutually beneficial and absolutely essential relationship. Plants take carbon dioxide (a waste product of our respiration) from the air and return oxygen to us. We then take in the oxygen and breathe our carbon dioxide for the plants to "breathe". Indoor air pollution is almost always worse than outside air. Always have a window opened (even just cracked if it is excessively hot or cold outside) to let in the outside air. Get as many plants for your living and working space as possible. This is so important, not only for oxygen, but for the cleanliness of the air as plants are nature's air purifiers. They have been shown to to eliminate a large number of common air pollutants. Oxygen Supreme: the Supreme Oxygen product Highest Concentration: Oxygen Supreme II contains 11% dissolved oxygen, and dissolved ozone! Non-Toxic: Oxygen Supreme II has absolutely no toxicity (externally or internally).


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