LifeWave MATRIX 2 Cell Phone Radiation Protection Shield

LifeWave MATRIX 2 Cell Phone Radiation Protection Shield Cell Phone Radiation Blocking Shield Matrix 2 is the answer for reducing exposure to cell phone radiation for humans of every age! It is the most important invention in decades, because Matrix 2 eliminates up to 98% of the radiation from your cell phone-the same radiation that comes from our microwave ovens. Everyone who owns a cell phone needs Matrix 2. Suzanne's Choice for Protecting Herself and Her Loved Ones from EMF Exposure I own one, as does everyone in my family including my grandchildren. Matrix 2 gives me peace of mind...a small price for a huge advantage. Instantly reduces your exposure to cell phone radiation by up to 98%* So thin it will fit in virtually any existing cell phone case Patent-pending technology exclusive to LifeWave Models for all major smartphones Affordable one-time buy Easy to use The danger of cell phones is a heated debate today. While certain governments have maintained cell phone microwave energy is safe, reports from the World Health Organization and some independent scientists from around the world have indicated that cell phones may not be as safe as we once thought. As a future-thinking health technology company, LifeWave has propelled itself to the forefront of this critical problem by developing an innovation that's the first of its kind! It's now possible to have the peace of mind in knowing you are doing everything you can to help reduce you and your family's exposure to cell phone radiation. [break] IT'S PROVEN. IT'S EFFECTIVE. IT'S THE ONLY TRUSTWORTHY SOLUTION. IT'S MATRIX 2! Matrix 2 is proprietary to LifeWave and is SO effective that laboratory testing has shown up to a 98%* reduction in cell phone radiation! WITH MATRIX 2, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE! Order now. Don't wait! If you're not completely satisfied for any reason, just return Matrix 2 to us within 30 days to receive a full refund. AVAILABLE MODELS: iPhone 3, 4, 4S, 5. Note: The Matrix2 for the iPhone does not work with the iPhone 6 or 6+ at this time. Samsung Galaxy S II, S III, S4, 5 Nokia Lumia 900 HTC One X [break] M-Code: HTC One - MTX2HTC150 iPhone - MTX2IP150 Nokia Lumia 900 - MTX2NL150 Samsung Galaxy 2 - MTX2SG2150 Galaxy 3 or 4 - MTX2SG3150 Samsung Galaxy 5 - MTX2SG550


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