Luyties Cell Salts – Tonic Tissue E, 500 count

Luyties Cell Salts - Tonic Tissue E, 500 count Luyties Cell Salts - Tonic Tissue E Luyties formulates homeopathic remedies from natural cell salts, minerals needed by every cell in the body. Tonic Tissue E has been formulated with energetic phosphates to boost vitality and reduce the effects of stress or fatigue. Tissue E stands for "energy", and when you are feeling drained or out of sync, Tonic Tissue E may be the homeopathic remedy you were looking for. Illness, stress, growth, convalescence, and times of transition can leave you feeling the effects of fatigue. For recovery, fatigue, stress, low energy, weakness, inflammation, growth, growing pains, or symptoms assocated with iron deficiency. The five cell salts in Tonic Tissue E offer natural support for growing pains, bone repair, cramps, nerve pain, and acidity issues: Calc Phos - Growth and repair cell salt helps the body maintain healthy cellular activity during times of growth spurts or convalescence Ferrum Phos - An anti-inflammatory cell salt that helps the blood to function and minimizes inflammation and general fatigue Kali Phos - The 'nerve nutrient' cell salt that helps when mental or physical energy is out of whack due to pain, stress, sadness or lack of sleep Mag Phos - A relaxing cell salt that helps relationships between nerves and muscles to ease tension, spasms, cramps, and radiating pains Nat Phos - The acidity balancing cell salt used for both digestive and tissue/ joint aggravations by keeping acids at bay Cell salts are a gentle, natural way to restore balance to cells by restoring balance with natural minerals, helping the body to restore balance, health, and vitality. Directions for Use: Adults, dissolve 4 tablets under the tongue every 4 hours or as needed. 500 tablets


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