SurThrival Pine Pollen Gold Elixir 1:1 Extraction

SurThrival Pine Pollen Gold Elixir 1:1 Extraction SurThrival Pine Pollen Gold Elixir 1:1 Extraction WHAT IS PINE POLLEN? SurThrival selects the highest quality Pine Pollen in the world. SurThrival's cell-wall-broken pollen comes from the masson pine (Pinus massoniana) Lamb Pine. They harvest only the finest cones from trees that are planted in the richest soil. Pine pollen is rarely contaminated by insects and is therefore pollution-free, poison-free and contains no side effects. Through the handpicking process, the resulting pine pollen is guaranteed to come from a pure flower source and be of a high quality. Pollens are picked at the perfect time within 3-5 days each Spring to ensure high-quality potency of the Pollen. SurThrival's Perpetual Youth Pine Pollen is 100% pure and natural, straight from the tree and contains no sugars, artificial colors, or preservatives. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEN PINE POLLEN ELIXIR AND PINE POLLEN POWDERS The difference between the Pine Pollen elixir/tinctures and the Pine Pollen powder products is that the Pine Pollen Gold tincture is an extraction of the powders. The Pine Pollen Powder is a nutritive whole food and tonic adaptogen, while the Pine Pollen tinctures are a tonic medicine. Pine Pollen is one of the few sources in nature that actually contained free testosterone. The testosterone in Pine Pollen is only available when it is extracted through alcohol. The alcohol extraction of the Pine Pollen Powder makes the testosterone bioavailable for our bodies to assimilate. Basically, the difference between the powder and the tincture is that the tincture contains bioavailable testosterone and can be used to potentially increase testosterone levels, while the Pine Pollen Powder is more of a nutritive whole food that contains androgenic substances. A BRIEF HISTORY Ancient Chinese secret, huh? Well... yes and no. Pine Pollen has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years as a health restorative, longevity tonic, and anti-aging nutrient. The oldest mention of Pine Pollen is in the classic pharmacology text “The Pandect Of Materia Medica” by Shen Nong, who wrote about it during the Han dynasty. In traditional Chinese medicine physicians prescribe it for: Moistening the lungs Relieving rheumatic pain Relieving fatigue Increasing Eendurance Strengthening the immune system Improving the skin Strengthening the heart Strengthening the GI tract and stomach Increasing mental agility Prostate problems Increasing agility Decreasing weight THE SURTHRIVAL DIFFERENCE CELL-WALL-BROKEN POLLEN SurThrival distributes cell-wall-broken pine pollen, which provides up to a 20% increase in digestibility. During the manufacturing process, a low-temperature, high-speed airflow pulverization process is used to break up about 99% of the cellular material and, according to research, makes the pollen more easily digestible. Additional SurThrival Advantages Include: Processing in a GMP-certified facility No Fillers (ie. Magnesium St


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