SUZANNE Coconut Chocolate Bar

SUZANNE Coconut Chocolate Bar Natural, Healthy Snack Bars! Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without High Corn Syrup, Processed Fillers, or Artificial Flavors SUZANNE Coconut Chocolate bars satisfy your craving for sweets without high corn syrup, processed fillers, artificial colors or flavors. Made with Organic virgin Coconut Oil, you won't find a trace of hydrogenated fats. This delicious snack bar is a Level 2 treat that will satisfy your need for decadence. Suzanne Somers' approach to food is healthy, fresh and delicious. This high quality product was designed to fit with Suzanne's Sexy Forever program and can be useful for weight management when eaten within the guidelines of the Sexy Forever program. [break] This bar is Level 2 and includes ten (10) 1.4 ounce bars. M-Code: SSWCOCOB2299


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