Synergy Company Cell Protector, 60 count

Synergy Company Cell Protector, 60 count Synergy Company Cell Protector Synergy Company spent ten years researching and developing this unprecedented advancement in cellular health, carefully selecting the highest, most powerful cellular protectors and detoxifiers on the planet. Cell Protector's unique formula contains powerful natural ingredients tested and proven to retain all of the cell protective compounds supported by advanced nutritional science. Synergy Cell Protector contains a synergistic blend of organic, bio-active whole-food ingredients that support and protect healthy DNA, promote healthy regeneration of glutathione, reinforce healthy cellular detoxification, and nourish, fortify, and protect healthy liver function. Our cells experience damage and degeneration thorugh the natural aging process, and through exposure to toxins. And it is not just external, environmental toxins that effect our cell health; the very process of living, breathing, eating, moving, and sleeping causes harmful byproducts that cause damage to our cells. Antioxidants can offer protection from this inevitable damage, but they may not offer the full protection needed to guard against harmful DNA and cellular damage. Synergy Cell Protector offers: • DNA Protection • Antioxidant (Glutathione) Regneration • Liver Support • Cellular Detoxification Cell and DNA Health Cell Health Trillions of different kinds of cells make up every tissue, organ, and limb on our body. These tiny elements are responsible for every function and life-supporting process that occurs in your body, every microsecond of every day. When cells begin to break down due to poor nutrition, infection, toxic damage, aging, or hormone changes, then health challenges and disease follow.These tiny, incredible cells are programmed to replicate and replace the damaged or dying cells, allowing us to continue to experience good health and longevity. But our cells, as brilliant and incredible as they are, often cannot keep up with all of the toxins and damaging substances we are exposed to every single day. DNA Health Within the nucleus of each cell is the genetic blueprint for a brand new cell to be born: our DNA. Our DNA not only contains the unique codes for all of our traits, like our eye color, but it also is key for keeping our bodies thriving with health. Our DNA is like a "control board", determining how well we function, providing the code our body needs to do its job and stay healthy. Our DNA can be effected and mutated by environmental agents such as toxins, chemicals, radiation, and even ultraviolet light (sunshine). A healthy cell contains DNA repair proteins that can fix many of the DNA mutations before the mutation is replicated and passed on. However, if a cell is unable to correct a mutation, and the mutation is replicated, an accumulation of mutated cells can develop into cancer and disease. Our cells contain a natural and powerful defense against damage, m


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