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Seeking Health Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C, 5 fl oz/150mL

Seeking Health Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C, 5 fl oz/150mL Seeking Health Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C provides 1000 mg of all natural Vitamin C per dose. Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C utilizes consistent 150 nm sized liposomes which facilitate our high potency Vitamin C. The phosphatidylcholine is non-hydrogenated and is derived from tested GMO free ingredients. The fantastic lemon flavor is 100% natural and kids love it. This is a non-soy formula. Liposomal Vitamin C may be an unfamiliar nutrient to many individuals, but this vitamin can provide astounding benefits to one?s health. Optimal Lipsomal Vitamin C goes directly into your bloodstream directly to your liver, making it a fast acting and effective delivery method. Shelf Life: One year from manufacturing date. The manufacturing date is listed on the bottom of the bottle. 5 fl oz/ 150 mL


Seeking Health Inositol, 10 oz/284g

Seeking Health Inositol, 10 oz/284g Seeking Health Inositol Powder Inositol is a nutritional relative of B-complex vitamins made when your body breaks down glucose that is needed for proper cell membrane formation. Foods that contain Inositol naturally are beans, citrus fruits and canteloupe, and whole grain breads. Inositol is a key membrane componant and messenger in our neurocommunication system. Why choose Inositol by Seeking Health? A diet low in Inositol may result in deficiency symptoms that culminate in high blood cholesterol, constipation, eczema, and hair loss. Inositol is a messenger in our neurocommunication system that signals the release of serotoning and norepinephrine- these neurotransmitters depend on Inositol to function properly. Low levels of this nutrient may result in lowered levels of these neurotransmitters. Benefits of Inositol: ? Mood and emotional support ? Liver Health Support ? Insulin Sensitivity Suggested Use : 1/4 to 1 teaspoon daily or as directed by physician.


Natural Estrogen, 60 vegetarian tablets

Natural Estrogen, 60 vegetarian tablets Women suffering menopausal discomforts are challenged to safely manage night sweats, hot flashes, moodiness, and depression. Recently published studies in medical journals show that certain plant-based extracts can reduce menopausal discomforts and support healthy estrogen metabolismduring menopause and beyond.1-8 Natural

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Emerald Labs Thyroid Health, 60 count

Emerald Labs Thyroid Health, 60 count Emerald Labs Thyroid Health Formula, 60 ct Emerald Labs Thyroid Health formula naturally supports the body's thyroid activity and helps maintain healthy levels of T3 (the body's most active thryoid hormone) with NEw Zealand Bovine Glandular powder, Ashwagandha, Selenium, and Rosemary extract. ? Contains ?New Zealand-Sourced? Bovine Thyroid Glandular Powder ? Contains Sensoril ?The ONLY Ashwagandha Extract supported by published human clinical studies on energy, sleep, and stress ? Contains Selenium at 200mcg: shown to increase Free T3 - the most active thyroid hormone. ? Contains Rosemary Extract PLUS Emerald Labs own raw whole-food based formula with Prebiotics, Enzymes & Probiotics containing: Raw Whole Food Sprout Powders (Alfalfa, Quinoa, Mung Bean, Millet & Broccoli - containing 3500ppm sulfurophane), Raw Plant Enzyme Blend (Lipase, Lactase, Invertase, Protease, Hemicellulase, Cellulase, Alpha-Galactosidase, Amylase, Bromelain, Papain, Acid-Stable Protease, Maltase), Raw Probiotic Blend (Acidophilus ? 200 million CFU?s, B. Bifidum ? 200 million CFU?s), Whole Food Pomegranate Juice Powder, Raw Whole Food Freeze-Dried Acai Powder, Whole Food Goji Fruit Extract, Whole Food Mangosteen Hull Powder, Whole Food Noni Fruit Powder, Fructo-Oligosaccharides, Whole Food Chlorella Powder, Whole Food Spirulina Powder, Resveratrol (Standardized from Polygonum Cuspidatum) Gluten-free, additive-free 60 veg caps


Healthforce Scram! Internal Parasite Formula, 150 ct

Healthforce Scram! Internal Parasite Formula, 150 ct Healthforce Scram! - Internal Parasite Formula Unwanted organisms are an ubiquitous, lurking, and a significant deterrent to health. They are implicated in many health situations. They feed off your nutrients, and excrete highly toxic wastes. Scram! dietary supplement uses the time tested herbs black walnut, cloves, and wormwood to kill unwanted organisms. Milk thistle seed extract has been added to support the liver and help control die-off reactions. Suggested Use: Day 1: One VeganCapDay 2: Three VeganCapsDay 3: Six VeganCapsDays 4-18: Ten VeganCaps Ideally, take all at once, or as directed by a qualified health care professional. Take until the bottle is gone. Depending on your nutritional situation, you may need to consume more or less Scram! and for a different duration of time. Scram! can be used, optionally, with HealthForce Liver Rescue 4+ (to further assist detoxification), HealthForce Intestinal Drawing Formula, and HealthForce Intestinal Movement Formula for even greater results in both colon and overall health. If you feel nauseous or lethargic while taking this product, add HealthForce Liver Rescue 4+, lower your usage level or discontinue use. NOT for use during pregnancy, lactation, or if you are trying to get pregnant. Suggested Adjuncts: A whole food, plant based, high fiber (animal products have no fiber), organic, Vegan diet with emphasis on fresh, high water content foods; large amounts of fresh vegetable juices; HealthForce Intestinal Drawing Formula, HealthForce Intestinal Movement Formula; HealthForce Vitamineral Green and Vitamineral Earth (unique and extremely nutrient dense superfood complexes for comprehensive nutritional support and cleansing). EcoFresh Nutrient Lock. HealthForce's dark glass with unique metal lid and oxygen absorber protects 100% of nutrients (creates a vacuum). Glass is recycled/recyclable, does not outgass (see Note below) and is non-toxic to melt down. Plastic bottles and metal/foil pouches (worst and not recyclable) dramatically degrade nutrient levels. Plastic outgasses and is highly toxic to melt down.Note: All plastic containers (more so in soft plastic) release gases during the aging and degradation of a material. The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from plastic negatively affect our health.