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Ultra Soy Extract, 150 vegetarian capsules

Ultra Soy Extract, 150 vegetarian capsules Soy products are beneficial to cardiovascular and overall health because of their high content of protein, polyunsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and biologically active compounds called phytochemicals. They also have a low content of saturated fat.1Soy protein and isoflavones

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Zinc Lozenges, 60 vegetarian lozenges

Zinc Lozenges, 60 vegetarian lozenges Zinc is a mineral that stimulates the activity of approximately 300 enzymes, which are substances that promote biochemical reactions in your body.1,2 These reactions are essential for the formation of superoxide dismutase, one of the bodys most important free radical

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MegaFood® MegaFlora Plus, 60ct

MegaFood® MegaFlora Plus, 60ct MegaFood MegaFlora Plus MegaFood MegaFlora Plus supports digestive and immune health with 50 billion active probiotic cultures, consisting of 14 strains of probiotics found naturally in the digestive system. Probiotics are "good" bacteria that are naturally found in our digestive tracts. These "good" bacteria compete with bad bacteria for resources, crowding them out and keeping them from giving you intestinal and bowl problems. A very large portion of your immune system is located within your gut, so by keeping your GI tract healthy and well, you are also supporting overall immune health as well. MegaFood MegaFlora Plus: ? Supports intestinal health, bowel regularity and immunity ? 50 billion active 14 life-enhancing probiotics ? Provides strains naturally found in the digestive system ? Restores and maintains balance of healthy probiotics ? Recommended after a course of antibiotics or traveling abroad ? Gently filtered from food growth media to remove common allergens ? Vegetarian formula MegaFlora Plus is a potent formula, perfect for restoring balance to your digestive system. Maintain a healthy gut flora with MegaFood MegaFlora, also available. Recommended Usage: 1 capsule daily, with a meal. Other Ingredients (in addition to those on the supplement panel): Cellulose and Ascorbyl Palmitate. 60 count.


Optimized Garlic, 200 vegetarian capsules

Optimized Garlic, 200 vegetarian capsules Garlic has been valued for centuries for its multi-faceted benefits.1-17 It has antioxidant action and can boost the level of natural glutathione, an important cellular detoxifier.18-25 The compounds allicin, oligosulfides, A. ursinum and A. sativum found in garlic support healthy

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Peony Immune, 60 vegetarian capsules

Peony Immune, 60 vegetarian capsules Peony Immune White Peony Root Extract is a standardized extract of active white peony compounds that have been shown to help maintain the balanced responsiveness, sensitivity, and strength of a properly-modulated immune response. So give your immune system the support

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