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Antique Pink Beaded Earrings

Antique Pink Beaded Earrings Gold Plated Elegant Earrings for A Night Out or a Visit to Downton Abbey! These Earrings are perfect for your daughter"s first prom, or whenever you feel like adding romance to your look " or even if you want to act like you're visiting the set of Downton Abbey! Exquisite Details. High Quality Details. Antique gold plated. 14 kt gold plated Chandelier Earrings. [break] M-Code: SZJW11252499


Black Agate Bracelet

Black Agate Bracelet Bold Style Makes this Black Agate Bracelet An Essential Compliment to any Outfit. Chunky and bold, this black agate bracelet looks great when worn separately or a set with the necklace. 7 1/2 Bracelet. [break] M-Code: SZJW10853999


Nine Strand Glamour Watch

Nine Strand Glamour Watch I change watches as frequently as bracelets. This fun fashion watch has nine strands of glistening crystals. Don"t save it for dress up. In fact, I prefer to wear it with jeans for a bit of daytime dazzle. Watch crafted with scratch-resistant mineral crystal and stainless steel back. Band adjusts to 7-1/2 and 8 L. [break] M-Code: Gold SZJW10444999 Silver SZJW10454999