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Luyties Cell Salts – Acidity Tissue C, 500 count

Luyties Cell Salts - Acidity Tissue C, 500 count Luyties Cell Salts - Acidity Tissue C, 500 tabs Excess acidity has many uncomfortable side effects which this cell salt combination can ease. These include digestive issues, muscle and joint pain, and if not controlled unhealthy skin and mental/emotional fatigue. Formula: ? Nat phos - The acid neutralizing cell salt helps the body break down acids to relieve acid stomachs, sick headaches and gas as well as muscle pains due to lactic acid buildup, and other acid-related symptoms. ? Nat sulph - The fluid balancing, cleansing cell salt, helps reduce and prevent bloating, water build-up and other symptoms related to digestion and fluid imbalance. ? Silica - A stengthening cell salt, it eases sluggish digestion, constipation, flatulence and a variety of skin and tissue conditions. 100% Natural, safe and worry free! Because they are made from minerals vital to our cells, these cells salts provide the gentlest, most straightforward way to restore balance, health and vitality. Benefits of Acidity Tissue B: Relief of symptoms of Gas, Acid stomach, Bloating, Nausea, Indigestion, Joint Pain, Muscle Aches, Sore Muscles. Safe and no side effects. Works very quickly. Restores healthy function nutritionally rather than suppressing symptoms. 100% natural remedy. 500 tabs.


Ojio Amla Extract Powder, 2 oz

Ojio Amla Extract Powder, 2 oz Ojio Amla Extract 40% (Indian Gooseberry), 2 oz Ojio's collection of Indian Ayurvedic herbs is based on the traditional Hindu system of medicine that seeks to balance the mind, body, and spirit in order to achieve health and harmony. Ayurveda, "the science of life", has been used for over 2,000 years in India. Amla Berry Powder The Amla Berry, also known as the Indian Gooseberry, is one of nature's highest natural sources of vitamin C (with more than 20 times the vitamin C in an orange!). Amla has been used in Ayurveda to promote longevity and to provide nourishment. Amla is known as a rasayana, or an herb, spice, or fruit with anti-aging properties. Amla Extract Powder Benefits Ojio Amla Extract Powder is a great source of antioxidants that fight free radical damage. In addition to its high vitamin C content, Amla has been used for its reported digestion enhancing abilities as well. Unlike other digesting herbs, such as ginger, that create heat, amla is recommended for those with too much acidity. Amla's other uses include protecting the liver and heart from toxins, and it may play a role in lowering cholesterol. Amla is also used in Ayurvedic haircare products to thicken and strengthen hair. Ojio Amla Extract is standardized to 40% tannins, and is cold water extracted in a process that concentrates the natural nutrients within the fruit. About Ojio Ayurvedic Herbs Ojio's collection of Ayurvedic herbs are 100% single ingredient, with no added fillers. The Ayurvedic herbs are grown in India and are cultivated pesticide and chemical free, and are independantly multi-tested for chemical and pesticide residue. They are all Non-GMO. Ojio's Ayurvedic herbs are cold-water extracted using a process that never exceeds 118°, leaving each one raw. Each of Ojio's Ayurvedic herbs is packaged in a glass jar with a BPA-free lid. How to use Ojio Amla Extract 40% (Indian Gooseberry): Mix 1/8 to 1/2 teaspoon daily with water, smoothies, or your favorite juice. Gluten-free, raw, vegan, and Non-GMO. 2 oz (56g) in glass jar with BPA-free lid


Nascent Iodine, 1 fl oz

Nascent Iodine, 1 fl oz Nascent Iodine Traditionally, the importance of iodine to the biological function of the body was focused on iodine?s role in the nourishment of the thyroid gland, particularly for the production of T3 and T4 hormones and the regulation of metabolism. However, as the understanding of this nutrient has progressed, we come to understand that the role of iodine in the body far surpasses what most thought, and is not only necessary for overall health, but a crucial component of the detoxification process. What is Nascent Iodine? Nascent Iodine is a consumable iodine in its atomic form rather than its molecular form. It is an iodine atom that has an incomplete number of electrons. It is paramagnetic. What does that mean? Well, it means that the iodine atoms can hold an electromagnetic charge. While this all might sound a little like a flashback to chemistry class, the most important thing to understand is that Nascent Iodine has a huge energy release when consumed. This ?charged? state is held by the atom until diluted in water and consumed, whereby it gradually loses energy over a 2-3 hour time span. During this time, Nascent Iodine is recognized by the body as the same iodine that is produced by the thyroid and is absorbed effortlessly by the body. Is Nascent Iodine the Same as Detoxified Iodine or Atomic Iodine? No, Detoxified Iodine is a coined name that for many years has been produced at 10 amps for five minutes with a high volume of iodine in solution. An iodine process that according to Edgar Cayce gives the molecule of iodine additional energy making it easier to assimilate into the body. Nascent Iodine is also totally different from the typical iodine in its denser state sold as an antiseptic, or as iodine tri-chloride (claiming to be atomized), or as added to potassium iodide to make it soluble in liquid. It is also unlike glandular or prescriptions containing hormones that take over the thyroid's job, instead of nutritionally building the thyroid to do its own job. Seaweed, seafood, greens, raw sunflower seeds, are good sources of iodine, but may not have the levels necessary to support the thyroid fully for good homeostasis in the body. Sources from seaweed may also contain undesirable levels of arsenic. Where is Iodine Used in the Body? All the cells in your body contain and make use of iodine. It is concentrated in the glandular system of your body, with your thyroid containing the highest amount compared to any other organ. Significant amounts are also stockpiled in numerous other areas of the body including the salivary glands, cerebrospinal fluid and the brain, gastric mucosa, choroid plexus, breasts, and ovaries. How soon will I feel the effects of Nascent Iodine? Some of our clients have noticed additional energy on the first day after taking Nascent Iodine. If you already suffer from an iodine deficiency, you are most likely to notice the effect sooner. Ingredients Nascent Iodine in a base of organic grain alcohol. (2% Iodine by weight / 400mcg of nascent iodine per drop) Usage Depending upon desired effect. One drop = 400mcg of iodine. If using for additional energy and general improved health take up to 6 drops daily. Frequent small doses are more effective than larger amounts at less frequent intervals. Always take on an empty stomach. Most will find that it is important to build up gradually in order to experience the least amount of detoxification symptoms. Recommended: Take on an empty stomach 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals, medications and/or supplements. Taking it after 4 PM could raise your energy levels and keep you awake at night. It is recommended to take before breakfast, before lunch and then again before 4pm. Available in 1 oz and 4 oz amber glass dropper bottles.


Live Superfoods Camu Camu Powder, Organic, 8 oz

Live Superfoods Camu Camu Powder, Organic, 8 oz Organic Camu Camu Powder Camu camu is a bush, native to the South American rainforest, that grows in the black water rivers of the Amazon. Its small, purplish red fruits are a rich source of antioxidants and powerful phytochemicals that support and enhance health. Camu camu fruits contain more vitamin C than any other plant in the world from 30 to 60 times more than an orange. They also contain amino acids including serine, valine, and leucine; and reasonable levels of beta carotene, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin, and thiamin. The phytochemicals in camu camu may be effective in curbing the effects of the herpes virus and may also be effective against depression, and has even been used to wean users off dangerous antidepressive medications (under medical supervision, of course.) Camu camu also: Provides immune system support Helps maintain good eyesight Reduces inflammation Supports collagen, tendons, and ligaments Helps fend off viral infection Improves respiratory health Helps maintain clarity of mind during stress USDA-certified organic, vegan, raw (low temperature dried), Kosher and non-GMO. Suggested use: 1 teaspoon one or more times daily mixed in water, juice or smoothies. Dr. Oz loves camu camu, too! Read our blog post about Dr. Oz and camu camu, and become a super-food expert.


Auromere Ayurvedic Tulsi Neem Soap, 2.75 oz

Auromere Ayurvedic Tulsi Neem Soap, 2.75 oz Auromere Ayurvedic Tulsi Neem Soap Genuine Handmade Soap with Wild-Crafted Herbs Auromere Ayurvedic soap is rich in herbal extracts for all types of skin and special skin conditions. Auromere soap is handmade, 100% biodegradable, cruelty-free and all natural. All Auromere Ayurvedic soap contains pure, wild-crafted Neem and Ayurvedic herbs in a rich and creamy coconut oil base. Auromere soap does NOT contain artificial flavors, fragrances, preservatives, dyes or bleaches. Free of animal fats, artificial fragrances, color or preservatives. Ayurvedic Tulsi-Neem Soap VATA-PITTA: For dry to normal skin Combines 18 highly recommended Ayurvedic herbal extracts and oils used for centuries by Ayurvedic specialists in skin-care preparations. Neem, a natural emollient and antiseptic, has toning and soothing properties while Tulsi, known as the Holy Basil of India, purifies and protects the skin from environmental damage. 2.75 oz bar. About Auromere Ayurvedic, the company Over 30 years ago Auromère Ayurvedic Imports started as a small community-owned business that became one of the first companies to introduce Ayurveda to the U.S. Today Auromere is a leading importer of Ayurvedic body care, conscious living products and literature. Auromère?s mission is to bring the ancient spiritual and traditional healing wisdom of India and a higher consciousness within reach of our modern, fast-paced lives. Ayurveda, literally, ?the science of life,? is the ancient system of promoting health and rejuvenation with natural herbs and minerals that began over 3000 years ago, with the legend of the great sage, Dhanwantari. As he sat in meditation in the midst of a forest, Nature revealed the curative and therapeutic properties of each tree, plant, herb, root, mineral and flower to him. These beneficial links between the vegetable, mineral and human worlds were documented and passed down through the centuries in a science that promotes bodily, psychological and spiritual health through the cultivation of a conscious, healthy diet and lifestyle. The practice of Ayurveda aims at a harmonious balance of Nature?s three subtle energies, the doshas: vata, pitta and kapha, which are present in all life and matter and represent the key to maintaining and recovering a total well-being. More than just natural, the wild-crafted herbs and minerals used within the Auromère recipes are noted for their unique beneficial and rejuvenative qualities. The purity and effectiveness of the Ayurvedic ingredients, formulations and manufacturing procedures make Auromère products distinctively different and delightfully powerful for maintaining health, well-being, and beauty. Products include toothpaste, mouth wash, handmade soaps, neem balm, shampoo, mud bath, massage oil, body lotion, aromatherapy incense and more. In addition Auromère imports a wide range of books on Ayurveda, holistic health, Integral Yoga, and classical spiritual texts from India. A complete listing of Auromère products and books can be found on the company?s website at The company works closely with its suppliers in India to ensure the highest quality, authentic, natural products, engaging local specialists, practitioners and cottage industries which provide employment in local village communities in various parts of the country. Auromère itself is owned and operated by a non-profit Integral Yoga community and run by residential members and volunteers as a part of their spiritual practice. Proceeds support the upkeep and activities of the community, and donations are regularly channeled to schools and other Integral Yoga organizations in the U.S. and India, including Auroville, the bio-sustainable ?City of Human Unity? in southeastern India where Auromere soap is made.


Live Superfoods Acai Powder, Organic, 8 oz

Live Superfoods Acai Powder, Organic, 8 oz Live Superfoods Acai Powder Our Acai Powder is 100% natural and comes direct from the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil. The Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berry is one of the most antioxidant rich superfoods available and was made famous as one of Oprah's top 10 superfoods. Remarkable concentration of antioxidants that help combat premature aging, with 10 times more antioxidants than red grapes and 10 to 30 times the anthocyanins of red wine. A synergy of monounsaturated (healthy) fats, dietary fiber and phytosterols to help promote cardiovascular and digestive health. An almost perfect essential amino acid complex in conjunction with valuable trace minerals, vital to proper muscle contraction and regeneration. Many of our customers mix Acai Powder with water or juice, but because our Acai Powder doesn't contain any additives or carriers, it doesn't dissolve well in water. So, for best results we suggest mixing it with a smoothie or yogurt. Acai Powder - Amazonian Antioxidant The vast flood plains of the Amazon rainforest hold many secrets, but in the last few years one traditional Amazonian tribal secret has made its way to the Western world. Found in the lush flood plains of the Amazon in Brazil, the fruit of the Acai Palm tree is a dark purple berry about the size of a blueberry or a grape. This little fruit, with a pleasant yet unique taste, is one of the world's most nutritious foods as it is packed with antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. The properties of the acai berry were kept secret for thousands of years; mainly due to the fact that the raw fruit needs to be consumed within 24 hours of picking. Recent innovations in the picking and freeze-drying processes have allowed the rest of the world to discover what Amazonian tribes have known for years. The acai berry has natural antioxidant properties that may help promote general well-being, boosts energy, stamina and mental acuity levels and may have a positive effect on cholesterol, the digestive system and even sex drive. The acai berry (Euterpe Oleracea) gets most of its antioxidant properties from the high concentration of anthocyanins; in fact up to 30 times more anthocyanins compared to red wine make acai powder one of the most antioxidant rich superfoods available. The acai fruit pulp is rich in fiber, protein and contains essential fatty acids, all of which combine to help promote healthy digestive and cardiovascular systems. Like many of our antioxidant-rich Superfood Powders our Acai Powder is freeze-dried within 24 hours of the fruit being picked; a process that removes moisture from the fruit at a very low heat. This allows the powder to retain the nutritional benefits of the raw fruit. Research into the specific health benefits of Acai Powder is ongoing, but studies indicate that it may: Promote a healthy immune system Promote a healthy digestive system Have a positive effect on cholesterol levels Help protect your skin and organs against premature aging Improve energy, vitality and mental acuity Improve your sex drive Help cell regeneration and healthy tissue growth, neutralizing free radicals that can lead to cancer.


MegaFood® Skin, Nails, Hair, 90ct

MegaFood® Skin, Nails, Hair, 90ct MegaFood Skin, Nails and Hair Formula MegaFood Skin Nails and Hair nurtures the growth of hair and nails and promotes radiant, clear skin with whole food vitamins, minerals, and carefully selected organic herbs. Skin, Nails & Hair Beautifying Blend includes time tested organic herbs to balance and purify, including: spring horsetail leaf, nettle leaf, milk thistle seed, chaste tree berry, red clover flower, organic ashwagandha root, chamomile flower, yellowdock root, and dandelion leaf and root. Healthy Aging Antioxidant Blend of organic ginger root, rosemary leaf, turmeric root, blueberry, and cranberry help to combat the signs of aging caused by free radical damage. A farm fresh fruit blend and digestive enzymes are included for additional support and nourishment, and allowing for easy digestion. Since your body regenerates skin, nails and hair over time, this effective formula delivers tangible results when taken for at least 6-8 weeks. MegaFood Skin Nails & Hair features: ? Mineral rich herbs and 100% whole food nutrients strengthen and nourish the growth of hair and nails? Certified organic herbs ? Hormone balancing and purifying herbs promote clear and radiant skin? Easy to digest & can be taken on an empty stomach without upset ? Tested FREE of pesticides, herbicides, gluten and soy Recommended Usage: 3 tablets daily. May be taken anytime throughout the day, even on an empty stomach. 90 count


Seeking Health Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C, 5 fl oz/150mL

Seeking Health Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C, 5 fl oz/150mL Seeking Health Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C provides 1000 mg of all natural Vitamin C per dose. Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C utilizes consistent 150 nm sized liposomes which facilitate our high potency Vitamin C. The phosphatidylcholine is non-hydrogenated and is derived from tested GMO free ingredients. The fantastic lemon flavor is 100% natural and kids love it. This is a non-soy formula. Liposomal Vitamin C may be an unfamiliar nutrient to many individuals, but this vitamin can provide astounding benefits to one?s health. Optimal Lipsomal Vitamin C goes directly into your bloodstream directly to your liver, making it a fast acting and effective delivery method. Shelf Life: One year from manufacturing date. The manufacturing date is listed on the bottom of the bottle. 5 fl oz/ 150 mL


Soignee Botanical Deep Conditioner with MSM, 8 fl oz

Soignee Botanical Deep Conditioner with MSM, 8 fl oz Soignee Botanical Deep Conditioner A deep conditioner formulated for damaged or chemically treated hair, Soignee Botanical Deep Conditioner is pure, natural, and nurturing to stressed strands. Formulated with essential fatty acids and MSM, a highly bioavailable source of organic sulfur. Proteins, herbal extracts, and vitamins provide strength and silkiness, and promotes healthy hair and scalp. Soignee Botanical Deep Conditioner can be used by all hair types, and is especially beneficial for damaged or chemically treated hair. ? All Plant Derived & Hypoallergenic ? No Cancer Causing Chemicals ? No Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate ? No Paraben Preservatives ? No Mineral Oil & Dimethicone ? No Polyethylene Glycol ? No Isopropyl Alcohol ? No Carbomer ? No Animal Testing- Cruelty Free ? Made in USA Directions for Use: After shampooing with Soignee Botanical Shampoo, apply to damp hair and work into scalp. Leave in for 2-3 minutes and rinse. For a deeper conditioning treatment, leave in for 20-30 minutes before rinsing. 8 fl oz


Ojio Valerian Extract Powder, 2 oz

Ojio Valerian Extract Powder, 2 oz Ojio Valerian Extract Powder, 2 oz Ojio offers a collection of Indian Ayurvedic herbs, used in the Hindu system of medicine to reach health and harmony through balancing the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda, the science of life, has been practiced in India for thousands of years. Valerian Extract Powder Valerian is a flowering plant that thrives in damp conditions, often found growing near rivers. It is common in Europe and Northern Asia, and is cultivated throughout the world. It is the root of this flowering plant that is used medicinally. Valerian is also used as a perfume. Valerian Powder Benefits Valerian root has been used to calm and soothe the nervous system for thousands of years, and across continents. Its use dates back to Ancient Greece and Rome. Valerian is often used in anxiety regulation, due to its calming effects. Valerian is also used as a sleep aid and sleep enhancer. Users report that it decreases the time needed to fall asleep, reduces instances of waking in the middle of the night, and helps users feel more rested in the morning. About Ojio Ayurvedic Herbs Ojio's collection of Ayurvedic herbs are 100% single ingredient, with no added fillers. The Ayurvedic herbs are grown in India and are cultivated pesticide and chemical free, and are independantly multi-tested for chemical and pesticide residue. They are all Non-GMO. Ojio's Ayurvedic herbs are cold-water extracted using a process that never exceeds 118°, leaving each one raw. Each of Ojio's Ayurvedic herbs is packaged in a glass jar with a BPA-free lid. How to use Ojio Valerian Extract Powder: 1/8 - 1/2 tsp daily as tolerated. If preparing in a tea, do not use boiling water. Gluten-free, raw, vegan, and Non-GMO. 2 oz (56g) in glass jar