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Ojio Yacon Syrup, 12 oz

Ojio Yacon Syrup, 12 oz Ojio Yacon Syrup, 12 oz Ojio Yacon Syrup is an all-natural sweetener made from yacon root. Yacon syrup is sweet, with a deep amber color and honeyed molasses flavor, and will not cause blood sugar levels to spike. Low calorie, low on the glycemic index, certified organic, gluten-free, and Non-GMO. What is Yacon? Yacon is a tuberous root vegetable that has been grown in the Andes of Peru for thousands of years, and is a member of the sunflower family. Yacon roots look similar to a sweet potato, but has a slightly sweet flavor and crispy texture that has been compared to apples, celery, and watermelon. It was traditionally eaten by locals as a crisp and refreshing snack. Yacon Syrup is a sweetener that has been extracted from yacon roots. Yacon Syrup Benefits The sugars found in yacon root (and yacon root syrup) are made primarily of fructooligosaccharides (FOS). FOS are short and medium chain sugar molecules. FOS is not digested in the stomach, and instead gets transported to the large intestine, where it acts as a prebiotic - an energy source or food for the "good" bacteria that are present. FOS is naturally present in other foods, such as asparagus, garlic, chicory root, and Jerusalem artichokes, and is considered a soluble dietary fiber that supports digestive health. Yacon Syrup vs. Other Sweeteners ? Low Glycemic Response ? High prebiotic inulin - 30% FOS ? Less net carbs than Agave Nectar ? Less GI distress than heavily processes sugar alcohols xylitol and erythritol ? Organically grown, and Non-GMO How to use Yacon Syrup Yacon syrup can be substituted for sugar in your favorite recipes by reducing the amount by 25%. Try 3/4 c of yacon root instead of 1 c of sugar. You may also choose to reduce your wet ingredients by 2 tbls when using yacon syrup in exchange for granular sugar in recipies. Try using yacon root instead of honey or molasses to get a good feel for the versatility and flavor of this all-natural sweetener. 12 oz. in a glass bottle,


Ojio 100% Raw Organic Agave Powder, 8 oz

Ojio 100% Raw Organic Agave Powder, 8 oz Ojio Agave Powder Naturally produced Agave Powder is a low-glycemic, healthy alternative to sugar and sugar substitutes, containing nearly 45% inulin, a prebiotic fiber that promotes healthy intestinal flora and calcium absorption. Agave Powder is highly soluble in water and is an excellent sweetener for: ? teas ? smoothies ? desserts ? baked goods ? cereals, and more Ojio Agave Powder can be used as a 1:1 ratio substitute for sugar. Because agave powder is slightly less sweet, many cooks like to add additional fruit, like dates or bananas, when baking with agave powder to increase the sweetness in a recipe. Ojio Agave Powder is sourced from the Jalisco Province of Mexico, in the land that produces the very best agave: Tequiliana Agave Weber variety. The volcanic soils of Jalisco Province is rich in minerals and encourages the steady growth of a variety of useful plants for harvest. Although the weather is arid, the bountiful rainy season provides the groundwater for healthy annual growth. The agave plant is a suculent that absorbs and uses its own water supply to sustain itself. It takes 5 to 8 years for the agave to reach a harvestable stage. When it is ready for harvesting, the center of the agave is cut at ground level and the large leaves are cut away. The rich sap is then pressed out to begin the process of reducing it to a low-glycemic sweetener. The Agave has been harvested in this way for hundreds of years, and now you can enjoy this low glycemic sweetener straight from the Jalisco Province. Gluten- Free, USDA-certified Organic, and naturally Raw. 8 oz/ 227g About Ojio, the company Ojio is on a mission to seek out the most mineral-rich, nutrient dense micro-environments and growing regions on earth; so that these uniquely pristine sources of superior foods can help people achieve their goal of healthy, natural, and vibrant nutrition. Ojio has spent years uncovering pristine micro-environments with perfect climates for growing and harvesting each of their superfood products. Working in partnerships and alliances with their suppliers, Ojio insures a dependable supply of consistent quality meets the highest standards for purity and organic compliance. Ojio (prounounced Oo-gee-oo) meets with local growers and assists them with organic certifications where appropriate, then allows them to retain their time-tested ways of growing the very foods that have sustained them for centuries. Ojio products are sourced from these local farmers in the Gran Chaco region of Argentina; farming villages in China?s Lowlands; the grasslands of the Northern Great Plains; the Andes Mountains of Peru; and tropical paradises like the Islands of the Philippines, and the Rainforests of Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador.


Dragon Herbs Sweetfruit Drops, 2 fl oz

Dragon Herbs Sweetfruit Drops, 2 fl oz Dragon Herbs Sweetfruit Drops Sweetfruit Drops is a dietary supplement that supports immune system function, and is very pleasant to consume. Benefits of Luo Han Guo Fruit Sweetfruit Drops come from the Chinese fruit called Luo Han Guo (Momordica grosvenori), also known as "Monk Fruit". Luo Han Guo has been favored as an herbal remedy for colds, coughs, sore throats, and gastorintestinal disorders, and used in Asian herbal medicine as a blood purifier. That is not the only benefit of Luo Han Guo, however. Luo Han Guo fruit is a natural sugar subsitute. Natural Sugar Substitute Luo Han Guo fruit contains a compound called mongrosides,and these substances make the fruit 300 times sweeter than sugar (sucrose). In addition, the mongrosides contain hardly any calories, are low glycemic, and are handled differently than carbohydrates. Mongrosides do not cause insulin levels to rise, and they are not broken apart to produce energy, meaning they don't add extra pounds. Luo Han Guo Glucoside (Mogroside) is a stable non-fermentable substance with high sweetness and low heat. It can be used to sweeten all kinds of drinks and food as a substitute for sugar. It is a ideal sweetening agent for those who need food with small amount of heat (calories) and want to use less sugar. Additional Benefits of Luo Han Guo Fruit Luo han guo is a very sweet fruit and a superb Lung tonic used to relieve lung congestion and to cool the lungs, thus "clearing heat" such as one might experience on a hot smoggy day. In addition to its natural sweetening characteristic, Luo Han Guo fruit has exhibited anti-hyperglycemic effects. In studies, Luo Han Guo fruit was shown to decrease blood sugar, total cholesterol, triglycerides, and to increase "good" cholesterol levels. Sweetfruit (Lou Han Gup) may also have an antihistimine action, making it a tasty option for allergy relief. Sweetfruit is being widely researched because it appears to be a potent immune potentiator. Sweetfruit is safe and has no known side effects. It may be used by children and adults. Luo han guo was named after the luohan monks, Buddhist practitioners, from the steep mountain region of Southern China. It is also called "the longevity fruit" because residents of the steep mountain fields in the Guangxi Province of China where it grows are reported to live to be 100 years old or more. Luo Han Guo, Monk Fruit, the Longevity Fruit, or Sweetfruit- whatever you call it, you are sure to love it. Traditional Function:Tonifies the lungs, eliminates heat Who can use it?Anyone Concentration:8:1 Specifications:2 Fl. Oz. Ingredients:Luo han guo fruit Other Ingredients:Water, vegetable glycerne Usage:3-12 droppers per day or as directed by your health care practitioner Remember Ron Teeguarden’s “First Rule of Tonic Herbalism,” summed up in a single word – Compliance. "If you don’t take the h