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Dragon Herbs Shaolin Inner Power eeTee, 2.1 oz/60g

Dragon Herbs Shaolin Inner Power eeTee, 2.1 oz/60g Dragon HerbsShaolin Inner PowereeTee (instant granules) Dragon Herbs Shaolin Inner Power eeTee nourishes all Three Treasures with its potent blend of Red Jujube Date, Astragalus Root, Wild Reishi Mushroom, Chaga, He Shou Wu, Eucommia, polygala, Morinda Root, and Licorice Root. Red Jujube Date This special fruit, sometimes called "red date," though it is not a true date, has been used since ancient times as a nutrient tonic, a blood cleanser, and as an important adjunctive herb to other tonics, especially in combination with Ginseng and Tang Kuei. Jujube is universally believed in traditional Chinese medicine to build strength and extend life. Jujube is slightly sedative and laxative and removes obstructions of the energy flow. Jujube is often used with Ginseng to bolster Ginseng’s beneficial effects. Astragalus root One of the most important herbs in the world, Astragalus has been recognized as a superb and potent immune system tonic by modern researchers. Astragalus has been used for over 2000 years to strengthen the body as a whole. Astragalus is believed to strengthen muscle and improve metabolic functions in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Astragalus is said to have another effect on the “surface” of the body---that is, it is used to tonify the “Protective Qi,” known as Wei Qi in Chinese. This Protective Qi is a special kind of energy which circulates just under the skin and in the muscle. Protective Qi is a Yang energy.Protective Qi circulates in the subcutaneous tissues providing suppleness to the flesh and adaptive energy to the skin. This function is essential to life. An important effect of Astragalus is in its ability to fortify the “Upright Qi.” Upright Qi is the energy allocated by the body to maintain upright posture and to maintain the position of the organs in their healthy position in their battle with gravity. As one gets older, or if one experiences chronic fatigue or exhaustion, or during illness, this Upright Qi is easily depleted resulting in the sinking, or “prolapse,” of organs. Astragalus enhances the function of the skin to eliminate toxins. It is commonly used to help sores in the skin to come to a head and suppurate, and thus to heal more quickly and effectively. Astragalus has a mild diuretic action and helps to relieve excessive sweating. It is helpful in treating loose stools, chronic diarrhea and chronic or recurring colds. If a cold lasts too long it can cause a general fatigue syndrome that can itself become chronic. Astragalus is very useful for people who just can’t seem to shake a cold, and Astragalus can replace the Qi necessary to regain full strength. An interesting new area of research on Astragalus concerns its potential as a male fertility agent. Astragalus has been proved to stimulate sperm motility. Wild Reishi mushroom Reishi mushroom (Ganode


Dragon Herbs Chrysanthemum eeTee, 2.1 oz/60g

Dragon Herbs Chrysanthemum eeTee, 2.1 oz/60g Dragon Herbs Chrysanthemum eeTee Herbal Extract Instant Granules Chrysanthemum Flower – the flower that calms, cools and clears. Chrysanthemum Flower (Chrysanthemum morifolium) is used as a tonic herb and consumed as a tea to nourish the Yin and as an herb to remove wind and heat (inflammation) from various areas of the body. For thousands of years it has been used in China as a wonderful remedy for a healthy life, and is considered by many to be a “longevity herb” because of its excellent, safe and gentle anti-inflammatory actions. Today, it continues to be one of the most commonly consumed herbs in Asia, consumed by millions of people every day as a delicious, satisfying health beverage that addresses many health issues that people face every day. Chrysanthemum is classified as a surface-relieving herb with yin-nourishing properties. As a safe, delicious, time-tested “cooling herb” that disperses excess “heat” in the surface of the body, it has a thousand applications. According to traditional Chinese herbal theory, its functions include nourishing Yin, dispersing ascending Yang, dispersing wind and heat (especially from the face, head and upper body), brightening the eyes, relieving dry eyes (with or without tearing), relieving headaches, calming the liver and clearing liver heat. Chrysanthemum Flower is renowned for clearing the skin. It is most famous and widely used to improve vision and clear heat from the eyes. Chrysanthemum Flower may help improve vision, and is used for a wide range of everyday eye problems such as eye strain, soreness and redness. Chrysanthemum Flower both nourishes the eyes and clears heat from the eyes. It is very widely used by those who tend to experience dry eyes, dry eyes with tearing or redness due to irritation by dust, wind, heat and allergies. Chrysanthemum is also used in Asia to clear the mind. Consuming a relaxing cup of Chrysanthemum tea at bedtime is believed to improve one’s memory. For mental workers and students, it can help prevent or relieve migraines and headaches caused by too much thinking, reading, stress and computer work. Consumed during the day or in the evening, it helps relieve stress and tension. For conditions that involve heat and inflammation, you may consult with your doctor or certified herbalist for other specific uses of this tea. Package size: 2.1 oz/60g Servings per container: 30 Ingredients: Chrysanthemum Flower (Chrysanthemum morifolium) herbal extract instant granules, maltodextrin (assists blending) Suggested Usage/Instructions:3/4 teaspoon (2g) added to 8 oz water, hot or room temperature, stir or shake until the powder granules completely dissolve. For iced tea, use room temperature water to dissolve the powder, then add ice. Tea has long been considered a tonic herb. Tea has acquired a universal recognition in Asian culture for its health benefits, and that is the main reason it is consumed. Here are


Dragon Herbs He Shou Wu eeTee, 2.1 oz/60g

Dragon Herbs He Shou Wu eeTee, 2.1 oz/60g Dragon Herbs He Shou Wu eeTee Herbal Extract Instant Granules The Great Rejuvenator He Shou Wu is widely used in Chinese tonic herbalism as a tonic to prevent premature aging by tonifying the Kidney and Liver functions, toning up Jing (vital essence), nourishing the blood, and fortifying the muscles, tendons and bones. It strengthens and stabilizes the lower back and knees. He Shou Wu is used to enhance sexual drive, increase sperm count and to strengthen sperm and ova. It is also widely used in Asia to maintain the youthful condition and color of the hair. This is one of its most popular attributes. Because it is a very mild sedative, it will calm the nervous system, and because it has components that are potent antioxidants with gentle anti-inflammatory action in the liver, it can clear the eyes. Its strength comes from its remarkable ability to cleanse the body by cleaning the kidney and liver, which in turn clean the blood. By virtue of its ability to accumulate tremendous quantities of Qi into its root, this herb can tonify these organs and can fortify and nourish the blood. Though He Shou Wu provides abundant Qi, it is not a stimulant. The tuberous root of Polygonum multiflorum (He Shou Wu) has many active constituents. He Shou Wu is rich in anthraquinones, including many phospholipids such as lecithin (3.7%). A stilbene glycosideknown as 2,3,5,4-tetrahydroxystilbene-2-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (henceforth refered to as “he shou wu super-glycoside”) is considered to be the principle active constituent responsible for He Shou Wu’s strong blood lipid lowering function. It has very powerful antioxidant activity. There are many similar stilbene glycosides present in He Shou Wu. The stilbene glycosides in He Shou Wu are very similar to resveratrol, an antiaging biomolecule. Several of the stilbene glycosides in He Shou Wu are stronger antioxidants than resveratrol. Package size: 2.9 oz/ 82.5g Servings per container: 30 Ingredients: He Shou Wu herbal extract instant granules, maltodextrin (assists blending) Suggested Usage/Instructions: 1-1/4 teaspoon (2.75g) added to 8 oz water, hot or room temperature, stir or shake until the powder granules completely dissolve. For iced tea, use room temperature water to dissolve the powder, then add ice. Tea has long been considered a tonic herb. Tea has acquired a universal recognition in Asian culture for its health benefits, and that is the main reason it is consumed. Here are some of the traditional health benefits associated with the drinking of tea: Stimulates mental clarity Promotes the production of body fluids to relieve thirst Eliminates fatigue Benefits the heart Improves blood flow throughout the body Detoxifies the body, clearing away heat and toxic material Boosts immunity Calms the mind and heart Reduces weight by metabolizing body fat Aids digestion Brightens the eyes Preserves young lo


Dragon Herbs Longan Powder eeTee, 2.1 oz/60g

Dragon Herbs Longan Powder eeTee, 2.1 oz/60g Dragon Herbs Longan eeTee (instant granules) Longan (Euphoria Longan) is a wonderful and delicious tonic fruit used by the Chinese as a blood tonic, to build energy (Qi), calm the mind, support the Spleen, support the Qi of the heart, and to add luster and beauty to the skin. Longan is very, very safe to consume and may be consumed daily as an eeTee™ beverage. It is believed among the Chinese people that Longan is a potent tonic herb that just luckily happens to be delicious. Most famously, Longan is thought to be a wonderful nutrient tonic for the skin that supports beauty from within. Longan is not only great for the skin, but is also a sex tonic for women. For that reason, Longan is considered as a special tonic for women who wish to be both beautiful and sexual – it has a 2000-year reputation as a special love tonic, especially for women. Many of the most beautiful women in China eat Longan or drink Longan tea regularly. Of course, Longan is not really just a woman’s herb. Longan is equally beneficial to men. Longan has a calming effect and adds radiance to the eyes. It has no direct hormonal influence. It may be consumed by men as they please as an excellent Blood, Qi and Shen tonic. Longan is totally unisex. Longan increases physical stamina and supports peripheral circulation. It improves energy status by building blood and is an excellent herb for athletes. It supports normal blood production. It may be consumed by athletes who need to maintain healthy blood levels. Some female athletes in particular benefit from Longan. Benefits of Longan Fruit Longan Fruit has a high content of iron, about 20 times that of grapes and 15 times that of spinach. Known as the "dragon's eye" and a cousin of the Lychee, the Longanis indigenous to India and China, but can be found in tropical locations as far west as Florida. Longan (Euphoria Longan) is known as "dragon's eye" because of the fruit's resemblance to an eye when peeled. Longan berrieshave long been said by herbalists to have relaxing properties, making them valuable in decreasing stress levels. Longan is also said to have anti-cancer, antioxidant, and liver-protective benefits. Longan contains high levels of iron, potassium, and large amounts of vitamins A and C. Longan has a very high content of iron- about 20 times that of grapes and 15 times that of spinach- and is thus considered useful for maintaining healthy blood, andreducing the risk of anemia. With a high vitamin C content, Longan is helpful in protecting the body from colds and flu, and helps to boost the immune system. Vitamin C helps the body in absorbing iron and it plays a part in maintaining healthy skin and enabling the body to heal wounds. Vitamin C can increase longevity as it fights the free radicals that damage cells. Longans are recommended as anti-depressants as they have a relaxing effect on the nervous system, enhance nerve function, lower irrit