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Healthforce Antioxidant Extreme, 360 count

Healthforce Antioxidant Extreme, 360 count Healthforce Antioxidant Extreme Formerly known as Healthforce Acai Resveratrol Ultimate ORAC Antioxidant Extreme Nutritionally Supports Anti-Aging & Normal Cell Division with whole foods plus herbal extracts like turmeric, goji berry, grape seed, pine bark and pomegranate. Free radicals wage a war of destruction on your DNA, contributing to virtually every disease, degeneration, and aging process known to man and woman today. Healthforce's goal: To make the most deeply effective and highest ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) antioxidant product (both water and fat soluble) with benefits far beyond just ORAC. Period. That goal is what this sixth evolution of Antioxidant Extreme is all about. So many products tout benefits but simply do not contain the actually effective botanicals, or quantities of them, to be effective. Many formulators are ignorant of this, while many others do it knowingly. Either way, integrity issues come up. Antioxidant Extreme allows you to actually achieve the benefits that research shows these amazing nutritional substances can provide. The supportive HERBAL ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVATORS contained herein are extremely potent antioxidants themselves and also significantly increase the absorption and effectiveness of the other botanicals. This glass bottle with plastisol-lined metal lid, VeganCaps, and oxygen absorber prevents oxidation and preserves the antioxidant properties. Acai Resveratrol Ultimate ORAC Antioxidant Extreme Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 2 VeganCaps (See Suggested Usage below) ORAC per Serving/Bottle: 9,032 / 270,960 Amount Per Serving: Root & Bark ORAC Complex?????????????.650 mg** Turmeric, Whole Root??????????..??...325 mg Quebracho Bark Extract (90% Tannins)?????...325 mg RESVERATROL ORAC Complex???????????175 mg Trans-Resveratrol: Extract (50% Resveratrol)??....125 mg Resveratrol: Whole Food (Polygonum)?????.?50 mg ACAI ORAC+ Blend.?????????????????.90 mg** Green Tea Extract (90% polyphenols, 40% EGCG) Acai** Extract (2% anthocyanidins) French Grape Extract (95% Proanthocyanidins) Pine Bark** Extract (95% OPC?s ?pycnogenols) Berry Extracts (Strawberry, Pomegranate, Grape, Blueberry, Blackberry, Cranberry) Mangostein Extract (30:1) Goji Berry Extract (20%polyphenols) HERBAL ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVATORS????????68 mg** Cinnamon Black Pepper Ginger Peppermint (Significantly increases bio-assimilation & results) No other ingredients. No toxins, raw food, organic and **wildcrafted. No flow agents or fillers. **No Daily Value Suggested Use: 2 - 4 VeganCaps per day. Not an ?all or nothing?, just 1 VeganCap is extremely beneficial and far more potent than other products. INTENSIVE USAGE: 8 or more VeganCaps per day, ideally spread out over 4 ? 8 servings. Suggested Adjuncts: A whole food, organic, vegan diet, with emphasis on high - water content raw foods, lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and their freshly made juices; a high fiber diet (only whole plant foods have fiber); HealthForce Vitamineral Green & Earth (two unique and extremely dense superfood complexes for comprehensive nutritional support); Liver Rescue 4+ (for metabolic antioxidant enzyme support (SOD, Glutathione); exercise; and fresh air.


Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care, 30 ct

Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care, 30 ct Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care is the ultimate probiotic formulation. This unique, high-potency formula features 34 different probiotic strains with 100 billion survivable, living cultures. Your body's natural defenses can be affected by stress, medications, and your environment. RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care featues a high Bifido formula to help restore balance to your natural gastrointestinal flora. If you need to replenish the beneficial "good" bacteria lost to antibiotics, medications, stress, or a poor diet, Ultimate Care will repopulate your gut in one daily serving. Benefits of RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care ? Easy to swallow capsule, once daily serving ? 34 RAW probiotic strains promote a flora diversity as found in nature ? Features a Replenish Blend to restore good bacteria lost ? Helps relieve ocasional symptoms of gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea ? Provides protein digesting enzymes for added digestive support Original Probiotics Garden of Life RAW Probiotics formulas are inspired by the work of Elie Metchnikoff, the "Father of Probiotics". Metchnikoff studied Bulgarian longevity and the probiotic-rich cultured dairy products consumed in the 1900s. Garden of Life RAW Probiotic formulas includes these same probiotic strains found in Bulgarian Yogurt and Eastern European Wild Kefir, plus RAW fruits and vegetables sourced directly from the region where Metchnikoff made his probiotic discoveries. Suggested Use: Adults take 1 capsule daily. May be taken with or without food. Capsules can be opened, and contents can be taken directly with water or raw juices. Not intended for children. RAW Probiotics are uncooked, untreated, unadulterated; with no binders or fillers, and no carriers such as maltodextrin or dextrose. Best if refrigerated. Store in a cool, dry place (71° F or cooler). Ice packs can be added for shipping. 30 vegetarian capsules