True Brazilian Organic Activating Serum

True Brazilian Organic Activating Serum (Note: Clicking on the placement above will direct you to a Suzanne Somers sponsored website that is not part of Straighten Hair, Reduce Frizz, and Promote Silky Soft Texture with this Organic, All-Natural Brazilian Activating Serum Traditional Brazilian straightening treatments use a combination of chemicals to straighten hair, reduce frizz, and provide a silky soft long-lasting texture. These treatments may require a lengthy salon visit, and can be very expensive and some contain formaldehyde. Available in 1 Ounce or Value-Added 4 Ounce Supply True Brazilian provides an at-home salon-style, anti-frizz treatment... with no harmful added chemicals! Salon-Quality Anti-Frizz Brazilian Treatment at Home - With No Harmful Chemicals or Toxins. True Brazilian Activating Serum: Begins the True Brazilian salon-like treatment you can do at home. Features Meadowfoam Seed Oil, which has excellent conditioning and moisturizing properties and helps strengthen hair. Absorbs into the hair cuticle and helps address damaged hair. Acts as a shine enhancer while also helping to build body. Abyssianian Seed Oil is an excellent detangler and locks in essential moisture. Abyssianian Seed Oil is a light, non-greasy oil that is easily absorbed. Imparts natural luster to hair. All ingredients Organic and certified ToxicFree®. These actives have not been tested on animals. Completely Gluten-Free Shampoo and condition the hair as you normally would, then towel dry. Pump the ACTIVATING SERUM into your palms, then evenly distribute through hair shaft. Start at the end and work, avoiding the roots. [break] Suggested Amounts: Short Hair: 1-2 pumps Medium Hair: 3-4 pumps Long, thick Hair: 5-6 pumps Blow dry hair, using the True Brazilian Paddle Brush. After blow drying, flat iron the hair in small sections with the True Brazilian Vibrating Flat Iron. The ACTIVATING SERUM is heat activated and contains Meadowfoam Seed Oil that absorbs on the hair shaft with the addition of heat to help strengthen the the hair. This makes the hair appear thicker, and stronger looking. In addition, the Abyssianian Seed Oil helps to detangle the hair, lock in essential moisture and impart a natural lustre, without hair feeling greasy. This leaves the hair silky and shiny as if you just walked out of the salon with an expensive Brazilian straightening treatment. , this treatment helps reduces breakage, especially at the fragile ends of hair, so if you want the long straight look, the True Brazilian Home Kit helps you achieve it. M-Code: 1 Ounce: SKTRAS12499 4 Ounce: SKTRAS44999


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